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The third eye !

Secret of the Guruji - 9

  Once a young lad came to see Guruji. He used to meet and talk frankly with Guruji without any age difference. Like him many youngsters love to converse with Guruji.

The reason behind is that Guruji can talk at length and breadth of any topic one wants to discuss. Thats his speciality. At the same time he accepts the opinion from others. He also accepts if he doesn’t have any idea about a particular topic of discussion and eager to know it too!

Sometimes young people ask silly questions. This may sound absurd to people around but Guruji will not mind. He takes the same effort for explaining the relation of body and soul and also about catching a fish.  This is also the reason for people to get attracted to Guruji.

That day, he asked a question to  Guruji. “I like to get Married and also have selected the bride. But when I informed my parents they remained silent. I sort the help of my relatives to convince my parents but  even to them ,they said  I am not responsible enough to get married and still have time to get in to a relation.  Now my relatives started to convince me to get married later.

 I totally dislike their words and action. Will it not enough to be a man to get married? If only eligible man can get married then half of the population  would remain as bachleors. What doyou thinkGuruji? Asked the man. For a while,Guruji looked at him deeply and laughed. He said “You are right. If only  eligible man can  make up  to the  family life,then the city would be half empty.  I accept that 90% of the people wouldn’t get married. But one thing…Marriage is not boarding  a train and alighting as you like. It’s a part of life.  It’s an acid test to accompany another life form throughout your life. Before we go deep in thre family circle,we should think wisely.

 Do we have knowledge? Do we have the ability to apply our knowledge?  Do we have the ability to adjust with wife and other relations? Do we have the responsibility of bringing up a child? Even all these are not important.  Without using the father’s money do we have enough to take care of the wife? Can you provide food for her thrice a day with your own hard earned money? You should give it a serious thought.

 Without taking money from the father’s pocket, without begging from mother to give from her saving, if you buy a saree for your wife from your earning, then its time for you to get in to the family life. Therefore, without trying to change the minds of your mother and father, change yourself for good “said Guruji.

 The youngsters bowed his head down and sat quietly. Guruji felt that he is crying.Suddenly he caught hold of Guruji’s feet and cried aloud. Guruji patted him and kept his hand over his head and started to pray to his favouite God. He cried for about ten minutes and calmed down as if a tempest had just left. He got blessings from Guruji and left.  We also forgot about him.

 After a week,  his parents came to Ashram to receive the blessings from Guruji. They thanked Guruji for changing him.” You have lit a lamp in our life, Guruji.  Throughout our life we will remain indebted to you”, they said. We didn’t understand anything. We asked them what happened and they began to narrate.

 After seeing Guruji last week,my Son didn’t eat  his dinner. He was thinking about something very deeply. In the morning, as soon as he got up he asked me to get a job from a friend of mine in Chennai. I didn’t trust him. How do I  trust and  refer him to my friend? What if he doesn’t go? I remained silent for two days.

 My son didn’t go out anywhere and kept asking me to arrange for a Job. I also spoke to my friend and confirmed his job. He left for Chennai the very day and told us that Guruji blessed him and that he could feel the energy passing inside him. “Laziness and confusion left me and I am going to start a new life” he said. I will progress in life and again meet Guruji. He also asked us to meet you and convey his gratitude and wishes” said his parents.

 We asked about Guruji to his disciple Mr.Govindasamy and he explained to us  that when holy people touch us or when we touch them,our Karma gets transferredto them. Thats why  holy people  don’t touch us and never allow us to touch. “Our Guruji is one such personality”he said.

Guruji will never allow anybody to touch him and also never touch others  as well.  If he touches us or allow us to touch him, it means our karma is going to end and our life is going to take a new right path. “Directionless life of that youngsters has now taken a right path and he will grow in all leaps and bounds” he said and clarified our doubt.

We have yet another example of a young man to be shared. He came all along from Srilanka to meet Guruji and to learn Hindu sastras .Though he looks very hard, he has a heart of a child. He is a good chef too. Guruji likes his typical authentic srilankan food. It would be spicy and brings water in the eyes but guruji loves it. He would ask him to cook whenever he comes to the ashram. He also feels happy to cook for Guruji, but  forgetting what he studied  is his biggest problem.  He cannot concentrate after a few minutes and when he told this problem,Guruji turned a deaf  ear to him.

 Time came for him to leave to Srilanka.” I learnt good things but still I feel empty. I  I came to the banks of river ganges but still my thirst is unquenched”. Guruji asked him to come closer to him and Guruji touched his forehead . He gave a book and asked him to study closing his eyes. We questioned ourselves how he could study closing his eyes?

 But that miracle happened.  He closed his eyes & read the book as if one is reading it with his eyes wide open. The young man was overjoyed.He touched the feett of Guruji and was so excited .Guruji said he could read closing his eyes for the next three days and later this power will fade.

 He also said that he would be able to concentrate and stay focused. He would even recollect his previous birth. “This will be your last birth and the God will bless you” said Guruji. Guruji also adviced him to think good, do Good and to take a happy journey to Srilanka.

 We started to understand many things. The bird that touches the Sun can become the Sun itself.  To be in the presence of holy man will take the ordinary men  to attain Mukthi.. We do not know whether to thank God or to receive blessings from Guruji.

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