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The himalayan lingam

Secret of the Guruji - 7

The magic performed by the siddhars are always captivating. Can we also do like them? Though we don’t have any powers we assume it and fly horses.  As we dream the Ruthrathandavam of Lord Shiva and Godess Sakthi, we start to dream flying in the sky and across nations. We used to think that if at all we have had these magical power,we would rule the world.But Alas,God did not give us.

We would be surprised to see the ordinary humans performing strange things by their magical powers. How do we be ignorant of these magical powers, having a tall standing man like Guruji amidst us? How can we stop ourselves from testing these powers? As we are common human beings , we asked Guruji” You have many magical powers, but we have never witnessed anything. Can’t we see?”

Magic is a fantasy. If we concentrate and start focus on this power, we would leave the path of reaching God. Moreover, these magical powers will only be self centered and self oriented. So,I don’t give much importance and exhibit these powers.

We realized the truth behind his words. But the eager didn’t leave us. We wanted to see those power by some means. One among us asked”Please show us atleast one Guruji?”. “I cannot tolerate your trouble, go get me the camphor from the Goddess statue from the Ashram.” said Guruji.

We got him the camphor.He kept it on the stand and told us to see the camphor burning on its own.He asked one of us to blow air toward the camphor and the next second it caught fire. We couldn’t believe our eyes. Without even touching it,it was burning.How was it possible? We were speechless.

He didn’t stop there. He Said “Today is New moon day and it will be pitch dark in the night. Come and see in the mid night. I will give you the power to see in the dark”. We were wondering still about the camphor and one more again? We were excited and waited for the night.
It was mid night and our heart beat was high. He asked us to sit in a line and to close our eyes.he touched our forehead  with his index finger.we could feel some sticky substance in our forehead. After 5 minutes of silence, he asked us to open our eyes. We opened our eyes and like a beam of torch light, we could see almost everything in that circle.

We were taken aback. Within minutes he made us to feel the magical power. How was it all possible? We had thousands of questions in our mind. We couldn’t hold ourselves from asking Guruji about this.

He smiled as usual and said “ I already tole you that every humans can become a siddhar.. You also have become a siddhar and experienced the magic”. We stood quiet. Whatever happened here is not because of Magic but by a plot. He started narrating to us about these magical powers. The way they are exhibited, their needs etc., Since Guruji himself has narrated about this many times, we are not documenting here.

Again we kneeled before Guruji. We told him that we wanted to see the real magic. He consented and closed his eyes.He lifted his two hands and chanted some mantras. As he chanted, the place was filled with the aroma of sandal and rose flowers. It was cool inside the room beating the temperature of the summer season. We had Goosebumps as we felt the state of bliss. It was the very first time we had this holy experience.

Guruji startrd to shiver. His hands were held high.Within a wink of the eye,a miracle happened. A shiny black shiva lingam glittered. How did it come?He didn’t take it from the hidden place as all the six of us were watching his hands. Even Guruji’s eyes were closed. It just appeared in the air and was seen in the hands of Guruji. We were once again astonished to see the God’s blessings and Guruji’s mercy.

He kept the Lingam in a bowl and asked us   to keep watching it. He told us that it would disappear within the next half an hour.He also said that if we want to see it again, we will have to go to Himalayas.We were confused. Why are you saying like this Guruji,? We asked him. His answer was again a treat to our mind.

We can bring the Lingam from the mouth or from between the fingers. We just need to have it in our hands.But to bring the Lingam using mantras, the Lingam should be in a holy place.. The power of meditation and the Mercy of God will slowly move the lingam and place in before our eyes and later disappear.

As time went, the Lingam started to dissolve and become powder like. In front of our eyes,we saw the Lingam becoming powered and mixing itself in the air. We almost forgot to wink our eyes . We couldn’t imagine that a Lingam which was respected by Rishis had come to us.

We were sure that with holy souls like Guruji. many precious Lingam will stay. Because he never used his powers to exhibit or to attract others. He never care about people who comment  and also have not taken pains to prove his worth. He just showed us that one day. ” If you trust in my power of meditation, stay with me. If you are here just to see my magical powers, please go away and concentrate on your work. I don’t want your recognition” is his clear answer.

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