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Migration of soul from one body to another !

Secret of the Guruji - 3

   We have read about magical stories in our childhood. We have witnessed them in old Telugu movies. If given a choice we would be happy to get inside a butterfly, fly to the top, migrate to a body of a vulture and travel the whole world.

After we attain certain age and maturity, we realize that migrating from one body to another is not a cakewalk.We need the mercy of God. We need strong practice. But we listen to atheist and started to believe that all this can be done only by magicians. But the curiosity of migrating from one body to another always remains high.

We all have heard the story of great Siddhar Thirumoolar,who migrated from his body to  a body of a yadava ,who rears cattle and wrote a great book named ”THIRUMANTHIRAM”. Our ancestors have told us that Arunagirinathar has taken the form of parrot and stayed in the temple tower. From all these instances a question arises. How does this migration happen? What are its uses? We asked Guruji about this. 

Guruji said “Lord Krishna has said in Bhagavad Gita to do our duty without awaiting the results. But as humans it is difficult to follow. Both ordinary man and Gnani’s cannot do things without anticipating anything. We keep checking on the returns  but Gnanis  focus only on good things without anticipating the returns or rewards.

What does Gnani’s desire? To reach the lotus feet of God. To attain this they meditate, chant mantras but this body is unable to cooperate. If one fails to identify the destination of Mukthi in this birth then the next birth awaits us. So, in order to prevent rebirth, if possible to release the soul from one’s body and migrate it to another and to mediate , Rishis found this wonderful way of soul migration.

If we could reside inside a snake, or a well built youth or into some creatures in the forest which do not need much water or food, then without much tiredness we could meditate. Our constant focus on God would take us to the path of Mukthi. If body is the only obstacle for attaining mukthi,then Gnani’s do not bother to keep the body at bay.

We know why Pragaya Pravasam happens. How it happens is our next question. Guruji explained it to us.

“Life in our body resides as a type of sound or vibration. Kundalini helps to stimulate these sound and vibration to reach the head. If this kundalini is done with more effort we can take our life energy to any place in the body and also outside the body.

This is the principle of this art. The life that is taken from a body when migrates to a dead body gets life again. Now the mind and life is ours but the body is different This is the secret of life. 

When we think a minute on Guruji’s insight its surprising and also fearful. “I am the husband of Rani and I   migrate my life to the body of  Veni’s husband. So now by mind I am Rani’s husband but bodily belong to Veni.  How do I express my situation.” .This is our question and Guruji explained:

Well, he said If I catch cold, I take out another man’s phlegm. I swallow other man saliva. This will be disgusting to think. That’s why many Gnani’s didn’t follow this .

Our anxiety doesn’t stop here. If Guruji does this migration of soul what will happen to the body of Guruji?

One body can control one life. Two forms of life cannot coexist in a single body. Similarly two body cannot control one life. If something happens to our main  body, life should continue in the  body that  it is currently residing or it should reach the world of spirits.

There is lot of obstacles in doing “Praghaya pravasem”. The body should be preserved. No natural disaster should harm the body. When our soul migrates to a new body, the old body must be in the same status when the soul remigrates.  When Guruji said that even if the hands and legs are disturbed the soul cannot enter the body, we were spellbound and recollected an incident.

Since a long time till now an important disciple of Guriji is Govindaswamy. He follows  everything Guruji says and insist others to follow .However  important, without his consent one cannot  approach Guruji. Guruji’s food, dress and sleep everything comes under his eye. Some years back when we were about to wake up Guruji he cautioned us not to wake him and ordered us to wait until he gets up on his own.

Even if Guruji’s hands and legs are not in position he would not allow us  to keep them correctly.. He would say that for us he looks like sleeping.” May be he is sleeping or may be chanting mantras. We should not disturb him and not even touch him without his consent”. This would be too much for us , but now we understood after Guruji explained it to us.

Apart from this we had millions of questions as to how and when Guruji does this migration of soul, which we later understood in Guruji’s silence.
 “A silent Guru express more answers”

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