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Meditation with the snake !

Secret of the Guruji - 10

When we asked Guruji “What is your favorite bird?  “The Crow” was his immediate answer. One will love the song of a humming bird or the dance of a peacock or the other colorful birds. What is so captivating with a crow? When it sees with its one eye, we generally hate. Its black colour, the atrocious sound and what else is left to admire a crow? But Guruji will surprise us with a different answer.

Crow, especially the male crow on a hot afternoon, when its searches for its food turns its head several times in all directions, the beautiful glossy neck is truly admirable. When it feeds its young ones or when it teaches them to fly, the affection that glitters in its eyes is indescribable. Having said that, He will still surprise us by saying that he shares some similarities with the crow. 

“There is a popular saying that “Voracious readers become Scholars” My friend used to say that voracious readers become scholars and voracious eaters become fat tummied. Similarly the crow eats the divine vegetarian food, blood dripping non vegetarian food, decomposed worms. He never shuns any food. Likewise I don’t keep distance with any books I come across” was his answer.

Not only this, the crow bathes twice a day. It would never develop hatred and enemity within its group. When it has a life partner, it doesn’t carve for another one.  It doesn’t leave the responsibility to produce offsprings and  the job of grooming the young ones to the female partner and live a irresponsible male gender. Bringing up their young ones is always a concerted effort of both the partners. “I learnt discipline and cleanliness, team work from the   crow. To add on, nobody loves crows yet it doesn’t complain and lament . I also stand neutral when people applaud or criticize me.”

Though Guruji says he like crows, he also likes other living forms. Guruji loves to sit under the coconut tree in the Ashram and enjoy the chill breeze.It is his private time and we don’t usually disturb him. Though humans are not near him, squirrel and many birds throng around him. A tiny bee enjoys the honey from the flower that is held by Guruji. The bee doesn’t fear but just sucks the honey and sits on his shoulder or even at the top of his head. It just treats Guruji as another bee.

One of Guruji’s friend is the Squirrel. It takes the cereals from his hands and folds itself in the hands of Guruji and in turn Guruji will comfort it. If  it sense that someone is coming, its runs faster than light. We are enthralled about how these little creatures show their love in abundance to Guruji?

He said” Animals have 5 senses and I am six sensed.  If one approaches them to control or to derive pleasure from them , none of the living beings will like us. When you shower your love like an elderly person or like an infant ,you will realize their love .If uthink only humans use language to communicate and animals don’t, you are mistaken. Animlas do talk with other animals and even to humans. But humans don’t hear them.”

It was said that in ancient time, Rishis ,Holy men  communicated with birds and animals. Is that true? If humans can talk with animals then is it not possible to talk with dangerous animals and make them also friendly? We asked Guruji whether we can be kind to snakes?

Don’t jump into the conclusion that snakes are 4 sensed creatures. Crows are related to the souls of our ancestors. Cows are linked to the evolution of  human life. Siddhars migrate from one body to other &relation with the snakes are like the relation between the eye and the eyelashes. So, we  should not ignore this. Truths are visible and also invisible to us. If you show your kindness to snakes you will feel the reciprocated kindness. We have several times witnessed the intimacy of the siddhars and the snakes.

Guruji’s hut  is made of a grass. In summer it makes the hut chill and in winter it warms . Guruji stays for many days. It’s a place where there is no smell of humans for two kilometers. So we will not allow Guruji to stay there alone. But still he just loves to spend time there. He ordered us to knock the door and enter the room whenever we go out to get lunch for him.

“Apart from you nobody is here and why should we ask for the permission to enter?”We asked. Guruji said”We would in meditation and don’t want to get disturbed” came his answer. WE? Nobody is here? We again asked him. Guruji didn’t answer. He was looking at the corner of the room and gave a meaningful smile..One day we saw a hole in that corner and a well grown wheatish colored King Cobra. We didn’t ask anything about this to Guruji again. 

We were astonished to understand that Siddars sit inside the body of the snakes to meditate. Though Guruji guides everybody, we take care of him like a kid. We cannot digest the truth that Guruji is living with the snake? A snake or a siddhar? We do not know. We are just humans. We see it as a dangerous snake. We thaught, allowing Guruji to be in the hut is like throwing a diamond into the dust bin So we tried our best to keep him at bay from the hut. Once we took a video recording of the hut and we were spell bound to see the snake.

Whenever we ask Guruji about Siddhars , we also ask him whether Siddhars will come only in the form of snakes or even in other forms? He said his most loved friend, Saturn’s vehicle, the mediator between Ram and Sita love, ”The Crow”. Now we understand why Guruji likes crows. People who come to our Ashram would have seen a window through which a crow comes and makes sound. You weren’t fed yet? Guruji will ask . ”Wait and you will be attended shortly “. The crow will immediately fly and sits on the tree, obeying its master.

Whenever Guruji goes to take the darshan of the Holy deity of Lord Shiva at Thiruvannamalai, we can witness the same crow sitting next to Guruji and both of them exchanging their thoughts!

Through these incidents we started to understand that “Holy man in any form can be recognized only by an another holy man”

snake recorded in the video

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