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Lord shiva accompanies guruji

Secret of the Guruji - 6

  Right from the time I started to know the world, I have a special attachment towards Lord Krishna. May be because I heard Ramayana and Mahabharatham  stories from my father or stories of Krishna Leela from my sister. But I don’t pray to him .This is the truth. Krishna is my friend,my relative and many times I address him as “mama”.. Whenever I am in distress, I am always rescued by Lord Shiva.That is why I address him respectfully  as “Appa”

 Guruji always addresses God as some relatives and we asked him why?  The answer he gave was  cent percent true and we have personally experienced it too. We were with Guruji, when unbearable ordeals had a great effect in Guruji’s life and we know his words are true.

WhenGuruji started his Sanyasi life and got Theetchai , his first promise was not to touch money for the next three years in any form. Nor receive any gifts and  also not to  ask for any donation. These promises are easy to write but we know the obstacles in following and we deem it aprivilege to experience those odds along with Guruji.

Once there was absolutely no provision to cook food in the Ashram. All that we had are some aluminium vessels and wood sticks. Seven of us have to eat. Five of them are orphans and they depend on Ashram food.  Remaining was Guruji and his assistant Mr.Vijayan. Since Guruji has ordered us on not to ask for help from anybody ,we don’t know what to do. But Guruji was not at all worried and was singing SivaPuranam with voice modulation.

Guruji’s assistant Mr. Vijayan was very much restless. He is an ordinary family man and he couldn’t imagine the day without food. 
 He went to guruji and said” Keep your promises with you. Don’t make the little kids starve . You cannot ask for money ,but we can,right? Will you permit us?”

Guruji was reciting a verse from Sivapuranam and he looked at Vijayan  and said” Only empty vessels make more noise. Are we one of that? Keep quiet. Whoever have made me to take this promise know all this would happen. Things will happen themselves at the right time.. Read some books and be calm.” And Guruji started to read sivapuranam again.

 Vijayan has no words to speak. He knows his limit and left the place. Ashram was in complete silence. It was 1 o clock in the afternoon. Guruji asked for water . That time a lorry entered the ashram and two men alighted and carried one bag of rice,vegetables,pulses and oil and kept it before Guruji.

Guruji saw them with surprise. For where are you coming from? Who gave you all this? Aske d Guruji. The two men fell at the fet of Guruji and said”  A new officer had come for TNC godown. He heard about you and asked us to give these things as donation for the Ashram. He also like to meet u in the evening ,if you permit.”

 I don’t know your officier. What ‘s his name? asked Guruji.”Ruthramurthy is his name.” they said. We have heard this name before at a different circumstances in a dark night in the dense forest. We know its just not a  name. Its God himself. We slowly realized that the name “Ruthramurthy” and Guruji have a strong link.

 Guruji deceided to travel from Villupuram to kanyakumari by auto. We are literally scared. As we have now,it wasn’t a four way road. The orad was actually small with lots of bends and curves. Big trees are the biggest challenge for driving. Who wouldn’t be afraid of travelling so far?

“ I cannot walk and I cannot go by cycle ,so I chose the three wheeler.Who is going to come with me? asked Guruji. We didn’t have the courage to say no and we all nodded . Guruji said that everybody cannot travel in auto.He wanted any one to accompany Him and Santhanam.

When we reached tiruchi by auto, It was dark. The front light of the auto  didn’t burn. The driver said that there is some problem with the dynamo. Guruji asked the driver to continue his driving and the lights from other vehicles helped us. Almost we travelled the whole night and we were shit scared.

 After 25 hours of journey, we reached Kanyakumari. We took rest and went to many temples. After 8 days of stay we resumed our journey back to Villupuram and thank God, the auto lights  were working. We were not much afraid now as we got used to three wheelers.  We crossed Madurai and the vehicle suddenly stopped. We couldn’t find a busy market place. It was 1:30 am  and still everyone was wide awake.

Since the driver was a mechanic, he started to fight with the engine using a feeble light source. He said something got broken and where to go to get it that time? It was achill whether and it seemed it would rain. We tried to stop other vehicles for help but it was futile. We thought we would be stranded there all night. It started to rain but Guruji was so cool. We couldn’t understand his heart. What will he take seriously?

That time a policle patrol van arrived. The inspector enquired about us. We introduced ourselves to him and scolded us for travelling such a long distance by auto.” Are u educated enough to also take a physically challenged person? Why are you doing like this” saying this he came near to Guruji. We were thinking what if he starts behaving like this to Guruji too?
But nothing happened like we thaught. The inspector touched the feet of Guruji and asked how he could help us. Guruji explained the situation and said “whatever  you can”. The inspector asked us wait for 5 minutes and left. Exactly after a few minutes he came with a mechanic and necessary materials to repair the auto. The Auto was made ready.

The inspector asked us to follow his vehicle and also to have some food and Guruji nodded. It was a small village and the inspector made a small shop to open and gave us banana to eat. He was so concerned about Guruji. .He accompanied us for some distance and  when he deceided to go, he came near guruji. Guruji asked his name and he said”Ruthramurthy”-the name that still vibrate in our ears.
The walls  of the ashram at arakandanallur was previously made of clay soil. The roof was made with bamboo and sand chips. Though the ashram looks beautiful ,during rainy season, there will be water everywhere and get back to normal life will take a few days. Till then we will have to stay somewhere. It would be better if we could build a little raised building. That that it would costs us around 50,000 but we had financial constraint. We would tell Guruji to permit us to ask donation from rich people who come to ashram to meet Guruji.
Guruji will never permit us . He would say that we should not compel anybody to give money.  Once some people came and said they are politicians  and wanted to become the minister. They wanted Guruji to perform the pooja, unmindfull of the expenditure. They are even ready to construct the building if Guruji is ready to perform the pooja. 

Guruji did not accept. “Ask  that you want to became the Minister,but don’t bargain.” We thought Guruji is letting go of a golden opportunity . After he left ,we asked him why let go a person who is willing to construct  the ashram building.? Guruji said” Asking for help from anybody is like begging. Getting it from the right person is dignity. I don’t want to beg. The money he would give is equal to  a worm ina shit.. That money will only bring sufferings.  Wait for the right time and God will send the right person for construction.”
Three months later,it was a full moon day nd guruji finished his Agnihothra Homam. He was answering to  the questions like-what is Homam and how the things put in fire enters the human body. Suddenly he looked at the  entrance and he saw a man standing there. We could also see a50 year old man in a Brahmin attire. We called him inside.

He paid his respect to Guruji and both of them were talking for sometime. Guruji  gave two bananas to him and bid him goodbye. He took the fruit and kept them inside his cloth bag. He scolded his forgetfulness and took five bundle of rupees and kept at Guruji’s feet and said” My mother gave this to me and asked me to give it for good cause. I have done it and I am leaving”

Guruji asked Santhanam to keep the money. Before tak ng the money Guruji asked the name of the Brahmin to write in the notebook. He laughed and said” Ruthramurthy”. We were spell bound. Who is this Ruthramurthy? Is he a human or God himself in the form of man?
When Guruji could find no one to give him sanyasa theetchai, a man came and thaught Guruji all the secrets and gave him Theetcahi and he is  “Ruthra paramahamsar” Not only this, in all ordeals and tribulations, People with the name Ruthra have always rescued Guruji.. Only a few examples are cited,untold are many. That’s why we asked Guruji “ Who is Ruthramurthy”?
He said the same answer that was documented in the first paragragh. Please read it once more and you will understand Who Ruthramurthy is. When man transforms in to God, God takes the form of Man and shower his love.

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