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Guruj’s victory over the deadly poison

Secret of the Guruji - 4

We all know that Guruji is affected by Polio. He cannot lift his hand nor widespread his hands. Because of this his arm pit had small boils which gave him unexplainable pain. Owing to his busy schedule he kept postponing the treatment for the boils for many years.

Once Guruji met Dr.Sharuk during his visit to Ariyalur. He is affectionate towards Guruji and Guruji has great respect for him. Guruji had himself certified that he is a good doctor. We taught that we must make use of this opportunity and somehow treat Guruji. The doctor said that small surgery has to be done to remove the boils. Since these boils are spread in many parts he decided to take them one by one and from one part he totally removed the boils.

He cleaned the wound after the surgery personally and he noticed that an artery from a blood vessel was damaged and blood was oozing out. Guruji did not respond to any treatment and stitches had be done .To stitch in an operated site will be more painful but Guruji accepted to get the stitches done.

Dr. Sharukh and his wife Dr.Shakeela Banu did the job and we witnessed the pain Guruji underwent during the stiches. Almost 10 stitches  and blood stopped. Guruji got relieved of the pain and asked us to get a cup of tea at about 1 o clock.

Dr. Shakeela Banu said to Guruji that she had seen Guruji cure so many dreadful diseases. She asked when Guruji is able to save so many lives , why couldn’t he save his life or atleast  make it painless. This question seemed logical for us. We thaught many times why Guruji is not doing anything for his ownself .We never had the guts to ask him but thank God, the doctor asked him.

Even in that pain he answered her question enjoying his tea .He said ”When I was looking after my father’s business, his friend ,Babakhan Bai used to visit us often. He is almost 80 years older than me and he died when he was 110.You can understand our age difference. We were great friends and discussed about cinema, politics and spiritualism.

Bhabakhan Bai cannot be forced to worship God. He would question: God will accept only when we pray 5 times a day? will he throw us if we pray 6 or 10 times? Though he has crossed 80, he never stopped smoking ,drinking and eating Non-veg. He smokes 2 bundles of salam beedi. Still he had the power of Mantras. People bitten by scorpions and snakes come to him. He always keeps a knife in his waist and he chant mantras keeping the knife in his mouth. I have seen the poison coming out in blue or green colour. People recover fast and people bitten by cobra also become fine without taking internal medicines.

I liked to learn those mantras from him for which he hesitated and sometimes scolded me .He would ask for things which cannot be bought. He found fault in whatever I do. On seeing his behavior, people used to question me as to why do I keep friendship with him.  Aren’t you ashamed? I didn’t bother about their comments. All I wanted is to learn those mantras and I was ready to sacrifice anything for that. After many years of struggle I learnt those mantras and he asked me to try these mantras with others for the first time and cautioned me that it would work only once if I try it on my ownself.

I think it was the birth of the millennium year 2000. Pooja was being performed in our Ashramam. Since I was not well I didn’t take bath that evening. So without joining the pooja I sat on the cot under a tree.  As I had a feeling of nature’s call I took the bottle to urinate.

I felt that something is crawling near my foot. I was sure that it was a snake .If I withdraw my legs it would definitely bite and I decided to stay still and called others for help. As everybody was busy in the pooja, I was not audible.

My right leg is totally week and since I was answering the nature’s call I was unable to use my hands. The small snake crawled between my legs and it gave a strong bite twice in my leg .I understood that the snake is the young one of  King cobra. If the snake is an adult one ,it would bite but will not excrete the  poison quickly. But small snakes excrete their poison completely. If not treated early death is inevitable. 

I calculated that if would take another 45 minutes for the pooja to get over and by the time I reach the hospital another one hour will lapse. I cannot wait as it was a strong poison and I started to chant the Mantra which was meant to save others. Though my life was saved, it was unfortunate that I cannot save others life thereafter. The mantra learnt with so many struggles became futile. I decided never to use any mantras for my well being. I was also determined to travel by my karma till the end and that’s why I tolerated this extreme pain. He smiled and said even this was a good experience. His face changed from the terrific pain to a lotus flower and we realized how he treats joy and sorrow in a same balance.  Can we be like him?  We felt ashamed that even for a small pain we fear and tremble. 

We have studied that Chanakya once said the fan in one’s hand is not for his comfort but for others. Likewise holy people like Guruji take our burden; the poison they consume is to purify our blood. All this is surprising but more than that, it brings love and respect towards Guruji.

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