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Guruji’s darshan of vishnu in the form of linga

Secret of the Guruji - 11

 Guruji was sitting under a guava tree in the ashram. He said “Two years from now, we should install the combined holy deity of Lord Shiva and Lord Narayana in this place and help people to get the blessings of God.

We were surprised, because the deity of Lord Krishna at the prayer hall was installed by Guruji. People in the ashram and people who come to the ashram to offer their prayers to this all powerful deity and till now their prayers never went unheard. Then why another deity?  And that too a combination of Siva and Vishnu deity?

 Usually Guruji prefers to meditate in the open place under the guava tree. If he sits in the night he will meditate till the dawn of the next day. If a deity is to be installed, the tree has to be uprooted. Guruji will not like even a small plant to be uprooted. we thaught there must be strong reason and asked Guruji

There are plenty of space in our Ashram to install the deity .This place is where you mediatate. That too why to uproot a tree and install it? Are there any specific reasons?

Usually Guruji doesn’t share his spiritual reasoning but he started to explain it to us. “It was a new moon day in the tamil month of Karthigai and I was meditating. I started to forget the human body and was enjoingy the heavenly bliss. I started to feel the pressure on my left thigh and the shoulder. I didn’t feel the pain but enjoyed the state of bliss that even a controlled mind cannot give.

The internal joy that happens due to external influence is very uncommon. That too a pressure to the body with pleasure! I wanted to know what it was and opened my eyes. Whether you believe it or not. I saw a baby with a peacock feather sitting on my lap and another baby with the Sadamudi on my shoulder. Both the baby gave me a holy smile and tried to touch them.

They are not heavenly babies but the Heavenly God themselves. Will a common man get the pleasure of touching the God? If you have done a little good actions in any birth, may be you win a chance. But we are sinners ,can we touch Him? Both the babies smiled and disappeared under this guava tree. I was in the ecstasy. I understood that God is making me as an instrument to do a good thing and I resumed my meditation.

When I mediatate, forgetting everything around me, I could see certain things with clarity. Those will be hundred  percent right. That day of meditation, I realized that at this palce both Lord shiva’s blessing and Lord Krishna’s mercy will be showered in abundance to lakhs of people who would throng to this place. Since the planets have a greater influence in our life, their sin and curse will be rectified here.
Hence I was dictated to remove the tree and install the Surya narayanan deity. That’s why I empahasis that within two years this work should be done “.We all felt really happy.

Guruji has told us before that Whether you worship Siva or Vishnu, the end of meditation will ultimately show you the image of God in the form of Lingam. So it was not new for us to imagine a Siva-Vishnu lingam. The main lingam of Siva Vishnu should also be installed with the Moola mantram of Surya Bhagavan. Guruji also said that every planet should be installed with inscribing their respective Moola Mantras.

The goal of human life is to unite with God. This is not a easy task. Many hindrance and obstacles have to be met in this life. This hindrance transforms in to Ego and obstructs the progress of man. So, only when man indulge in family life ,he could evict the sin and curse and take the step towards attaining Mukthi. Therefore prayers should not only give freedom to the soul but also give him freedom from suffering.

We thought it would be wonderful to install 108 or 1008  Lingas instead of  9 Lingas. We requested Guruji for the same and Guruji consented to have 108 lingas. We deceided to install the Main Linga and the rest 108 lingas in the shape of a  Linga. Though Guruji gave two years time, we just jumped in to action.

We started to discuss with Guruji’s devotees and they happily consented to fund and urged us to start the work. But Guruji was reluctant to receive any funds and said this is a heavenly dictation and told us very strictly to receive money only from  people he would suggest.

As denoted by Guruji, a few lucky people were given the opportunity to take up this task. It took just three months for the things to get materialized. It took time for the sculptures to make the deity,but money was never been a problem. We wanted the lingas to be installed and a grand Kumbabishekam to be done. But Guruji didn’t comply. He said,”To construct a temple and to perform the Kumbabiskaekam is designated only to Maharajas. Since we are ordinary Humans,instead of Kumbabishakem we can perform “Prana Pradhistai”. “We need not call anybody and I will do it for myself on a special day.”He said. As per his wish it happened.

After the installation of the Lingas, we witnessed many strange things. One evening , after mediatation Guruji’s  eldest disciple Govindasamy  approached the linga to offer prayer. He was astonished  to see a  6 feet long snake  on the Lingam. But he somehow managed to hide his fear and tried to worship the Linga.  The snake lifted its head and he closed his eyes. After a second when he opened his eyes, the snake was gone. How is it possible for a snake to climb the Lingam and disappear within a second? Isn’t it surprising?

 When we told to Guruji about this incident, he kept quiet and just smiled. After that, the disciple of Guruji, Mr.Santhanam have witnessed many times some people with saffron colored dress offering their prayers to the lingas  in the midnight. Once he  saw a person with the “sadamudi” embracing the main lingam. And when Santhanam was about to ask him to get back, he disappeared in the air. When we said to Guruji about this, he said Siddhars worship God wherever they like. It’s not true that they worship only in Thiruvannamalai. Siddhars are like air and they travel great distances to get the blessings of the God. They often visit places where they feel the presence of God to the fullest and it’s no wonder that they visit here too.

Not only Guruji’s disciples, even people who come to meet Guruji have experienced this. Recently a person from Coimbatore was literally shocked to see a siddhar. He was overwhelmed with joy. He told that many of his problems faded away after seeing the siddhar. Many other people also have shared their emotional experiences. We are performing poojas to the lingams on all four Sundays of the month to help people get rid of their sufferings. People across the state and from other state visit the place on Sunday’s to get benefitted.

We have a special reason to narrate this. Guruji’s spiritual experience was never self-centered. He never allows selfishness in prayers. He used to tell us that he lives to share his spiritual experiences and spiritual wealth to the people in order to help them to come out of their problems and to become one with the God. We are documenting here because we wanted you to experience the presence of God by worshipping the Lingas that are installed by the spiritual powers of Guruji  and to get relieved from all sufferings and see yourself one with the God. We would be elated if you get freedom from all your pains and would love to share our experiences too.

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