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Guruji protects his believers.

Secret of the Guruji - 8

  Some believe in Guruji.  Some have unmeasurable bakthi towards him. But some totally surrender to him. There are two people who have totally surrenderd to Guruji and they are the first disciples Mr.Govindasamy and Mr.Santhanam by name.

 Santhanam was introduced to guruji in the early 90’s.  Guruji has comicallt told about their introduction many times. “It was thrusday at about 4 pm,  my  assistant  Sanmugasundaram told me that a friend of him wanted to see me”. He also said theat his father works for a printing press and compelled me to see him at least once.

 Whoever wanted to see me should come to the ashram. Why should I go and see him as if he is the boss and I am the employee. Only Gosd is mt boss and told him I cannot travel to see him. But shanmugasundaram somehow persuaded me and got my permission.

 About 4:30 , At the printing press of Shanmugasundaram, I met Santhaanam for the first time. As soon a she saw me he wished me and was talking to me on general matters and I answered him without much involvement. After 10 minutes Santhanam said “ Today being Thrusday, I have to go to Sri Raghothama swami Bridhavanam. Please don’t mistake me and I ‘ll again meet you tomorrow.” And he left the place.

 I just vented out my anger on Shanmugasundarm. I told him” I would have taken rest for sometime. You took me here  but that fellow left to Bridhavanam. Why did he come here then? He will come tomorrow also? Only for tomorrow I ll allow”. I taught hw would not come and I was mistaken. Santhanam came the very next day and till today he is with me.  He has dedicated himself to  God and to me” Said Guruji.

 What is the reason behind santhanam being so fond of Guruji?  If Santhanam can surrender to Guruji, an ordinary tea vendor like Ramu can give even their life for Guruji. How is this possible? What is his power? Guruji doesn’t have any money ,only others should give him.  If it is for his spiritual power,Guruji will not use his power  for people who are very close to him. Everyone should abide the law of Karma. If you  stop following your karma, then you need to be born again and again. Then what  makes everyone to get attracted towards Guruji?

 Santhanam himself told us the answer. If “ we ask God for money ,he will give. If  we ask for dress, he will give. Whatever we ask ,God is ready to give us. But why to ask God? If you surrender yourselg completely to him, he will take care of you at all times. He knows your wants. Invisible  God and Visible Guruji is all same for me. I have put everything at his feet.. I don’t even think about my need, because he thinks for me.

 “This thought was not a sudden onset. So many experiences and hindrances had made me to feel the joy of surrender. Once my mother took my horoscope to a astrologer. He told my mother that I have a serious issue in my life span and cautioned to be careful while driving vehicles. My mother was totally against me driving any vehicles. At that time , Guruji gave me a bicycle and asked me to use it”.

 Do I obey my mother? Or just follow what guruji say? I was confused.. Guruji’s forethought was more significant than mother’s love.

 I started riding bicycle daily from Thirukovillur to Arakandanallur.Once I was on the way to Thirukovillur, there  is a place called Dhevanur,which is a three road junction. It was pitch dark and suddenly a dog crossed me. There was a lorry behind me. I should have actually lost my balance and  must have fallen near to the lorry. If that had happened  , I would have lost my life.

 A miracle happened that time. The dog fell at the tyres of the lorry.  I felt that somebody is pulling me forcibly and was breathing heavily very close to me. I just stopped myself and   could feel my heart beating heavily.. I was feeling dizzy but I managed to open my eyes and could see the round face of Guruji. It wasn’t shocking but was very comforting. I sat for sometime and when I opened my eyes I saw the dog was totally smashed. I understood that the dog lost its life for me. Then I came home and slept.

 The next day morning I went to the ashram and Guruji asked me” Santhanam,why are you doing circus with the cycle? Please inform before you do any circus.” I understood the power of Guruji. However far  Guruji is, he will definitely come to rescue his loved ones from danger. Is it not wrong to ask for petty things to a man of such power –Our Guruji?

It is not that miracles had happened only in the life of Santhanam. People who have not seen Guruji have also experienced many unbelievable things in their life. We often hear those  through telephones. Even people in London,France, Italy and other countries have shared their experiences. Whoever believes in Guruji will find the essence of life. We would like to share what Govindasamy had said.

 The light of the sun is common for all.  The sun serves everybody. Guruji can be compared to the sun. He never show partiality to people who are against him and who criticize him. Once I  got very much  irritated when one man was speaking with disrespect about Guruji. Guruji said” Even if he talks about me, those are just words.Why do you have to worry for that?. Change his mind and he will understand us better. You will see it for yourself”. That man came after one year and said that Guruji was kind enough to cure his disease . We understood that Guruji always remains unbiased.

 The mother will know why a child cries though it doesn’t talk.  Guruji has many children.He hears the voice of every child. If you believe in him, he is ready to wipe all your tears however far you are from him. It is not that you need to explain about your pain personally to him.If you think about him for a minute and pray, you will feel his presence right in front of you.

It’s true that water only quenches the thirst. It doesn’t care how we treat it. Its duty is to serve everybody meticulously.As far as India is concerned, from yester years till today, Gnani’s who lived and who are still living are like water. Only ordinary people like us pollute even the Ganges.

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