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Guruji floats in the air !

Secret of the Guruji - 5

What is Meditation? Everybody will have different answers for this question. Many define it as a type of freedom from thought and emptiness of the mind. Like our Planet Moon remains empty, the mind should be made empty.

I don’t agree with them. Human body is a live thing. When life exists we cannot stay still. Though mind is not seen separately it is also an organ. It is hidden somewhere in the body. When it resides inside a body it is also a live thing. So mind cannot be inactive. The activity of the mind is the generation of thoughts. Without thoughts humans cannot exist.

As for my understanding many Rishis have accepted my concept. Lord Krishna had also highlighted in his Bhagvad Gita. He had said one cannot control the mind but there must be constant effort to control it. Regular practice will help us. Lord Krishna had said all thoughts conclude in him. That is, meditation is not being without thoughts .Channelizing the thoughts towards God or energy is meditation in my point of view. I think you would also accept my insight.

This is the beautiful explanation given by Guruji on meditation. This explanation has got its own knowledge, experience and love. People explain in incomprehensible language and that is why meditation is being looked upon as a herculean task. Simple Gnani’s like Guruji doesn’t dramatize but explain in a simple language. We know many thoughts of Guruji are simple and understandable.

Once when we all visited Uvari swayambulinga swamy  in  his Poorasirama village. After darshan he said his grandfather died in that temple. He said his grandfather was suffering from a dreadful disease and that his grandmother believed that God would save him and brought him to this temple, but he died. Man must be optimistic but cannot be superstitious. If diseases correct themselves then why did God created doctors and medicines? So, treating a disease and believing in God is different. I agree without his mercy we cannot cure any disease but avoiding treatment is not wise.

Beach of Uvari has a stone mandapam. Guruji used to sit and meditate here. The sound of tides and air will only be heard. It would be a total bliss to see Guruji in this posture. We would tell him that none of us have seen him meditate but only here we had an opportunity to see him meditate.

Not only in uvari , kanyakumari, Muppanthal Isaki amman temple on the way to kanyakumari, Thiruvannamalai, Tirupathi sreepadham ,Guruji starts meditating without any distraction. Sometimes in minutes, sometimes in hours. We asked the Disciple of Guruji, Santhnam about meditation. .He asked us to observe Guruji at 5 feet distance from his left side during meditation and to smell the air that surrounds him.

Once in Thiruvanamalai we had a opportunity to test . After new moon day, on the third day, at about 12 o clock in the night, Guruji was in meditation. As Santhanam told us we were waiting at the left side of Guruji and we couldn’t see anything. As time passed we had a nice aroma of Javathu. The aroma filled the air and reached our lungs. We forget ourselves and came back to reality only when Guruji called us by our names.

We wondered how come we smelled the aroma of Javathu? We asked Santhanam about this. He said, when a person does good deeds, angels will bless. If he does bad things evil spirits will bless. Meditation is a good deed.

Angels like humans when they meditate .Because only humans has the ability to become oneself with God. Even they became angels and reached God only after a birth as humans. Meditation with Synchronization of the mind cannot be achieved in one birth.  It will take many rebirths followed by becoming angels and the next birth as human will make us to reach the lotus feet of God. This effort by the humans to become angels is much adored by the angels, they will bless and protect from any obstacles.

When Guruji starts to meditate, the angels surround him and they help Guruji, which is known by the beautiful aroma of Javathu. When holiness prevail in an area, this aroma is always present. Not only in Thiruvannamai, wherever Guruji sits in mediation we  can smell this aroma. We talk very casually with Guruji and get angry when he scolds us. We too make comments along with him and he behaves very much like  a normal person. But how great he is?

Generations cannot find such a personality. Time cannot destroy his eminence. We are really blessed to have Guruji with us.

We slowly started to realize what Santhanam said. Many times in Kadakanur ashramam, when Guruji sits for meditation, we have felt the aroma of Javathu and strange movement of air. We said to Guruji that he meditates with total focus and expressed our desire to do the same .We asked him to share the sweetness of meditation. He said:

Meditation is not magic. It’s a powerful Guru. It is not a gift to give. You must do meditation and nobody can do it for you. When you bell continuously you will hear the sound of “OM”. Do meditation continuously. Every minute, every hour, every day think about meditation. Continuous practice will stabilize your mind. Guru should lead the way for the disciple. I can only guide you but you must walk with me-Said Guruji.

We understood that we should practice meditation. We put all our effort but like a school child there is lot of unanswered questions in our mind. One thing is definite. If meditation is linked with the mind .how holy persons like Guruji does strange thing above nature? Santhanam explained it to us:

When we prepare lunch, sambhar has a taste, curry has a taste and each food has a taste .If everything has to be tasted and felt nobody will like the food. The smell of the food travels through our nostrils and stimulates our taste buds. Our mind starts to imagine and it would urge us to taste the food. The same can be linked with Gnani’s. Only when we hear his incredible experience we would also focus to meditate. Unnatural things that happen for Gnani’s is a lesson for us.

 Santhanam also added that this is not the only strange thing .Still we have many that we can see in the new moon day nights. He invited and kindled the fire in us by adding fuel of anxiety. From that day we waited for new moon day. We were riding our dream horses and finally the day came. Guruji was talking to us till 12 o clock and asked us to make him sit under a tree undisturbed until he calls. We obeyed and left the place but without winking our eyes we kept watching Guruji through a window in the Ashramam.

It’s night time.  New moon day. No lights. Only when we look deeply we could see Guruji. After concentrating deeply, Guruji was seen .He had pillow in his lap and his head was bowed down as usual. Suddenly we witnessed something that stopped our heart for a second. Like a balloon floats in air Guruji was seen one feet above the ground in sitting position. We couldn’t believe our eyes. Is it a dream or reality or some magic? We were profusely sweating. As Santhanam said we controlled our voices and bowed in the direction of Guruji. We were at joy and he was floating for half an hour. Slowly he came to the ground and he called us.

We ran and cried at his feet pleading for blessing. He was calm and asked us to bring a cup of hot water. When we were away he scolded Santhanam for doing such an idiotic act. He said we are immature adolescence and we will only get more confused and asked him never to do this again. Santhanam held his head low in front of Guruji because of us. Since he asked us personally not to reveal this we maintained this secret for 6 years. After getting his consent we are documenting to make the readers understand Guruji better and deeper.

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