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Amrita tara mantra by Ruthra Paramahamsar

Secret of the Guruji - 12

   Guruji has a deep rooted optimism,involvement and experience in Mantras. If he happens to know about any new mantras, inspite of many hindrances, he will learn and practice the Mantra. Almost 20 years of his experience in usage of Mantra,s had opened up new hopes in the lives of many people.
“People who believed that there is no way to live…I am at the dead end of life…. Only sorrows are in store for me. Failures are the only things I’ ll have to experience in this life… and literally felt like a wood log”, was able to turn their life into a new leaf  by chanting the right mantras that Guruji taught them When Guruji said he is going to help the people by teaching them “Amrita Tara Mantra”  he took us all to cloud nine. 

What is Amrita Tara Mantra? What is the reason for teaching the ordinary men about this particular mantra? We asked Guruji. He said “Mantras are the assembly of sounds. Human’s  life and body in the form of sound. If a Man’s life energy is low or high, problems approaches him. During that time ,it is necessary to balance the energy. This philosophy  is said in Ayurveda. Ayurveda is body centered while mantras are soul centered.”

 Using mantras, we can increase or decrease the life energy. A powerful human can do it for others and also to himself. If I get a disease, I must take the medicine. Likewise it is the use of mantra for one’s own self. Through the mantras we can attain things that are otherwise very difficult.You may think whether these mantras can help man to procure amass things.
There are three types of mantras.- Rajas Mantras, Sattva mantra and tamas mantras. tamas mantras are used for evil things. This mantra need not be taught to others. Rajas and Sattva mantras  can be taught to others since it is harmless. So I want it to give it to the people.

It also has another strong reason. In 1990’s I was trying very hard to get Sanyasa. I was as eager as a stringe man’s eye on the money. I thought by some means I must get sanyasa. But nobody understood me. When I asked for it, people pointed to my physique and avoided me. I have never worried about anything in life till then but for the first time I started to feel bad.

Like a dawn in the night sky, My guru Ruthra Paramahamsar came and he  not only gave me sanyasa but also taught the precious  magics. I was made to understand the secrets of the spiritual world. He ordered me one thing. He asked me to give this spiritual magics and spiritual knowledge to the deserving humans. He asked me to use my spiritual power for the welfare and benefit of the mankind. To whoever suffers, above all caste,creed…..help people till their life turns peaceful. That formed the basis of preaching Amrita tara to every beverered soul.

To whom did you first give this mantra? Did people really got benefitted out of this mantra? Though this question is little silly, we asked Guruji.  In Kamba Ramayana, Kambar will equate the face of Rama to a lotus flower. Similarly, Guruji’s face blossomed as he explained it to us.
“For specific reasons, a specific usage of  Mantra will definitely bring victory” is my personal experience. I had never tested on other people’s life. Eight years before, for the first time I gave the mantra to a village youngster Veersamy at Arakandanallur. He was actively participating in personality development program conducted at our ashram. He had good skills in teaching others but not with much involvement. He was interested to join politics and to serve people.

To join politics, money is mandatory. Family background is necessary. Above all this, one needs luck. He was worried that he has nothing. He told me personally and I gave him the Amrita Tara Mantra and asked him to chant it with devotion. He also seriously took my advice and followed it. During that time there was a local panchayat election. Veerasamy wanted to contest on behalf of the communist party. But his friend changed his mind and asked himto  try his luck by joining in DMK , as it was the ruling party then.

He talked with the executive members of the DMK party. He was given the seat to contest although he was not even a member of the party. He won the election. I understood this mantra will bring good luck to others.After that, I gave this mantra to a business man in Thirupur, and to a friend in Karur. One of them got a award from the president of India for the best Exporter. These instances made me to firmly believe the fruitful result of this mantra.

Eight years before, an American lady came to see me. She told  me that she came to know about me when she came to Thiruvannamalai. She always likes to hear mantras from Sanyasi and expressed her desire to know a mantra from me. I asked her whether she has any problem and does she wanted to get rid of them. She smiled and said she didn’t have any problem but I know it’s a lie. I taught her the mantra as it would calm her problem and give her a peaceful mind.

Four years later, she came to India to meet me. She told me that she didn’t believe in the mantra I gave her and when her liver was infected very badly, she chanted the mantra and the doctors were surprised that she totally recovered from the disease. Her words brought joy in me and I once again realized the power of vedic mantras.

Later few of her friends, a doctor from Peru, a computer engineer from Italy and a pilot from China met me and received the Mantra. Since their personal problems got solved, they referred me to their other friends and still they come to me to receive the Mantra.

After 18 years Guruji expressed his desire to announce to the general public as “Magical Mantra- that gives what you ask for”, after thoroughly witnessing the progress the mantra  had made in the life of others and gave the entire essay to us. We uploaded in the Ujila Devi official website and from then thousands of people communicate to us and express the merits of the Mantra.

Amrita Tara Maha Mantra is not a usual and a common Mantra. It is unique for every individual .For every individual , Mantra differs. Guruji decides which Mantra is to be given based on the individual’s  “Aura”. The Aura’s colour will be identified ..Guruji identifies the Aura of the individual people, selects  the mantra  and gives to the individual. Mantras for one person cannot be used by another individual and it will be useless too.

One can use this mantra throughout life. One must say the nature of the problem   and  do “Sakalpam”(Promise) and start to chant this mantra to get rid of the problems. So far, people in debt, People who didn’t have work, Childless couples ,problem in studies, unemployed people, unsuccessful people, curse from ladies, ancestors, enemies, issues in the horoscope, disturbances from the ghost and other evil spirits and mental distress are solved by this Mantra. We believe that the number of people who will be benefitted would always be in the increasing numbers.

 You may ask “Do we need Guruji to solve these problems that arise out of greed and desire? Shouldn’t Guruji help the common man to renounce this materialistic world and to join the heavenly abode?”. When one is in hunger, he cannot take your advice. He must be fed first, and then made read the Vedas. Sinners like us must first get relieved of the sufferings or at least be trained to face the problems. Only then we can focus on God. The mode of action of his mantra is to uplift the humans from this worldly pleasure and to unite with the eternal pleasure.

We were sharing Guruji’s blessings and his relationship with God. Whatever said is little. We still have lot to share on this Mantra and we hope Guruji will permit us to share more. Till then lets rejoice on this Amrita Tara Mantra and help our near and dears to receive the blessings of the almighty.

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