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Man didn’t originate from monkeys

             Soul is a thing, which never can be destroyed. I think it is wrong to describe the soul is a thing. Because things have the structure. Further, we can say it as a thing if it possesses some more features. But the soul has no structure and weight. But from a long period, people keep on thinking about some imaginary structures while thinking about the soul. If we are also thinking like the soul is having some structure, we can study about the above said thing.

In the ancient books which describes about the Human body parts and yoga issues, it is mentioned that soul is in the size of our thumb and is situated next to the heart and it is controlling the electromagnetic waves all through the body. Some scientists are accepting this fact. The thumb factor is not just which is said in order to represent for human beings alone. But the fact will not be in that sense. There are organisms which don’t have fingers and there are organisms which is smaller than our fingers exist. Therefore, we have to take in the sense that it is said according to the organisms size and capability.

Unlike the plane is losing its motion with its destroyed parts, the soul cannot be destroyed with the demise of the body. Yet how the soul is entering inside the body and by whom it is sent to the body. If we think about the soul’s status after the demise of the body, we can get to know the real meaning of life which we are living. If we want to know the origin of life completely, we have to know about Jeevathma and Paramathma. Paramathma is the word which represents the Almighty. As the human beings are denoted by the word Jeevathma, we can get to know clearly that Jeevathma arises from Paramathma. For example, Small agal deepam which is lighted by the Annamalaiyar Maha Deepam.

The God or Paramathma is not created by anyone  and it spontaneously formed as a Maha Viruksha by itself. Jeevathmas are the leaves and fruits of that Maha Viruksham. So as God is spontaneous, Jeevathma’s are also spontaneous and it just expresses from the God.
We have to believe the origin of human beings is from the God. So that we can understand the journey of life. Although we are accepting it, there a problem arises. The souls which arises from the same origin should be similar in every aspect. While studying about the lives of organisms, we can understand the diversity between them both morphologically and functionally. Also, there is another issue along with it. There is an opinion saying that there is only one soul and it is controlling many bodies. Another group says that many bodies present as many souls are present. When we are thinking about which is right and which is wrong, we are just ending up with confusion.

Adhisankara’s athvaidham says there is the only soul exists. Mathvachari’s Thvaidham says there are many souls exists. The Acharya purushas are not speaking against the truth. Also, the statements of both the acharya’s has been told on the basis of Vedas. If we strongly believe the two opinions and think about it, we can get to know the truth.
The person who is at the peak of wisdom, won’t think about the operation of bodies. They will be the listening the source of the power which is controlling the body. Only while listening the source, we can experience the philosophy of God state. Thus we have to courageously accept the fact that sankara’s athvaidham won’t be applied to the worldly issues and Mathvachari’s Thvaidham is practically applicable and we can go ahead by having a conclusion that no organisms are similar.

The people who believe in origin of evolution says that organisms were in a different form when formed and later it was changed due to the evolution. Although evolution is irrelevant to the topic which we are speaking about, we should come to a conclusion without any suspicion that evolution is really happening or not. So that we can understand it clearly and courageously and we can also explain  it to others in a practical manner.
Every ancient religious book says that human was originated as a human form only. But the scientists now and scientists before a century are admitting that human beings had evolved from primitive forms.

There is a reason behind the scientists who strongly condemns the religion and the religious opinions. In western countries, some catholic pastors misused the religious policies in order to taste the administrative powers. Thus, they strongly oppressed the opponents for their greed over political powers. Therefore, The revolutionaries who stood for the rights and awareness of the people opposed the religion instead of opposing the religious persons.
The comparison of drugs with the religion is the serious consequence of this incident. As days passed, the revolutionaries started to oppose the religion blindly and thought it as the decency of the majority people. They should think for a while.
The loss of lives due to holy wars is larger than the loss of lives happened due to the atomic bombs. At the same time, religious policies and philosophies didn’t stimulate these wars. Instead, the political wars inside the false view of religion is the reason for those holy wars. No one can refuse this fact.

Thus, there is no reason other than this behind the opinion of these scientists who strongly condemns religion and religious policies. Although scientists know about the weak factors of the evolution’s policies, they are sticking to their opinions adamantly. So we can understand this behavior if we study the weakness of evolution theory.
In 1980, Archeological people found out an egg of the ostrich at the river side of Rajasthan. While examining the egg with the recent devices, it was found that the age of the egg is more than 25,000 years old. Likewise, in 1979, fossils of birds and frogs in the West Germany were detected. The Age of those fossils was found to be 5 Crore years.

This year they found out a monkey skeleton which is about 25 crore years old in Ethiopia. In soviet Russia, Drawings and depictions of many animals were drawn inside a cave. Russian archeological people admitted that it might be drawn before 40 thousand years ago. The skeleton of the giant birds were found out in Japan and America. In 1978, near Tokyo, a complete elephant skeleton which 30 lakh years old was found out when digging the soil heap.
Thus, many fossils which had been found out in various places of the world gives us a conclusion. Therefore, the egg of the ostrich remains similar to the one now after 25,000 years also. The sculptures found in the Russian caves are similar to the elephant and bear’s structure today also. The monkey skeleton looks similar to the present day one. Thus, animals remain similar like the one before many thousands and crores before. How can the human being alone can evolve to the present form?

Let us think in the view of evolution principles. If human is evoluted from monkey means, why does no monkey evolves as a human being now. Why does the natural phenomenon of evolution only changed monkey and left other organisms without evolution. Recent scientific studies reveal that the pig’s body parts are similar to the body parts of the human being. Therefore are the pigs are the ancestors?. Let the science give answers to these questions. Then we can think about leaving the religious principles which says, man is born as a man.
If we understand the weakness in evolution principles, we can clearly understand God created every organism and its form never changed since then. We understood about the origin of the souls and where it is staying temporarily. Before knowing where the souls leaving after the body’s death, we should know what religion says about human created as human.

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