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Lucky Gems !

  Precious stones like Diamond and Cats eye possess the power of absorbing the universal energy. I was surprised when I studied Atharvana Veda which said these energies can be radiated into the human body.

People get mesmerized of Diamonds as they glitter, add beauty and make them proud of the possession. I was under the belief that this quality temptate people to stud diamonds in their jewels.
I soon realized that it is wrong as I understood that these diamonds are worn not just because of their beauty but also for their tremendous power of grasping the universal energy.

Though I was astounded initially, I was kindled to do a focused research. I had a precious stone, cats eye by name which I studded in silver ring. One of my follower expressed his desire for the ring and I whole heartedly gave him the catseye ring.

After he wore the ring, a couple of days went very normal but he suffered from a terrible stomach related disease from the third day. In spite of serious treatments for more than five days he didn’t recover. I was worried and I had a intuition that this ailment may be because of the catseye ring and I advised him to remove the ring. I was astonished to know that he recovered within few minutes after he followed my advice.

After this incident I strongly felt the vibrant powers of precious stones and many such happenings confirmed their potent powers. So I instructed my followers to do a detailed research on the identification of precious stones and their infinite properties. One such significant disciple of mine is Prof.R.V.Venkataramanan. He has researched on many fascinating stones and gained rich experience.

His specialty lies in his deeper understanding on the ability of precious gems to completely cure dreadful diseases and many hearts have thanked him for advising them on the right gem for their ailments.

I suggest that those of you who would like to get relieved from the ill effects of their planetary influence can kindly seek his advice on the right precious stone and make their life progress to glory.


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