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Dosham which sends people to Prison

           My kind regards to Guruji. I have Kaala sarpa dosham in my horoscope. Raagu in sixth place and kedhu in twelfth place and other grahas located in this both. Many were suggesting it as a very bad condition. Is that true? Whether my life will be filled with sorrows or not? Please explain me without hiding anything.

 With Regards,
                                                                                                             Nagula sekaran,

           Many people are afraid of Kaala sarpa dosham. If I am asked, I’ll say there is no need of fear about it. Many have a concern about Rahu or ketu in lagnam, or one among the two in seventh place. But kaala sarpa dhosha’s consequences can be known by Rahu-ketu’s location. Depending on this, Kaala sarpa dosham may give good consequences also.

Even though, In his horoscope, Rahu is situated in sixth place and ketu in twelfth place or situated in vice versa, No big change will occur.

According to his graha, he might have faced difficulties in early life. He might have problems in family and might be struggling even for food. Also, he will face a situation of going to prison. After returning from the prison, he might have various changes in life and he will become very rich.

So, the person with this horoscope can leave to abroad from yaazhpaanam. He might have a situation to go to prison if he had some problems with visa. But the case will end up easily. Then after, he will be having a good jod and then he’ll start doing business.

PS: Kaala sarpa dosham: In any native's chart, the remaining seven houses are in the clutches of Rahu and Ketu is called Kala sarpa dosha

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