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Who is the Good Guru?

   Today, People’s major problem lies in finding the right guru.

People are afraid of some guru’s activities. The So called gurus are doing the sins easily which can be usually done by politicians and murderers.

What is the reason for this?

It is all because of the stupid superstitious beliefs of people. Every individual has problems. There are hurdles and depressions exists from common man to king.

Everyone is longing for someone to give the medicine for their problems.

This king of longing hides people’s eye towards solving the problems. Therefore, fake gurus starting towards these people like a horde of flies.

A priest can ask for fees. A person who writes horoscope may ask for fees, and person doing parikaram (remedy) can also do. But the guru must not expect money. If he expects money, he is not a guru.

A Guru is one who has truth in his words, a clear knowledge, a complete devotion towards God, a great assertiveness and a simple life.

One who searches Guru in the palaces will never get a good Guru.


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August 6, 2017 at 4:38 PM

I want to meet u guruji i don't how surely i will meet u

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