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Question of a widow

   am a Brahmin woman belonged to Sri Rangam. I am aged 86 now. Through these years, I have faced a lot of hurdles. If I write all those things, I will be making the readers cry. So I’m sharing a single issue with you people.

I got married at the age of 15. In those times it was a late marriage. I have given birth to my son at the age of 16 and my daughter at the age of 17. I dreamt of my mother who had a half dozen of children. By that time, my husband died due to viral fever. My world was like a dark doom.

My husband’s family members were cruel. They told me that, my unluckiness is the reason for my husband’s demise, otherwise he would have been healthy. So just take your children with you and get lost to somewhere.

What can I do then? I had come to my mother’s home. My dad has died when I was born. My brother was my caretaker. So he has allowed me to stay there. Yet my brother’s wife had a tongue which is scorpion’s sting.

If I was a single woman, I would have been ended my life. But I have tolerated everything just because of my two kids. But I can’t able to digest my bald headedness and rudhraksham woring custom.

Guruji, how can be a woman responsible for the death of her husband? Where the sin did by women here? Are we having this attire for us? Why you people are taking revenge in the name of the sastras and dharmam.

Are Sastras and religion insisting to avoid widows? Are they telling them to not to come to a wedding function, not to touch the holy things and not to walk on streets? Whether widows are God created human beings or not?

For a long time, I had been thinking to ask this question to sansayis and a great intellectual’s like you. My grandson is the one who told about you and forced me to ask this question to you. So I did it. Answer me, why does this Hindu religion avoid us?

I can understand the justice in your point and I can understand the anger too. Our religion is saying that everyone is equal in Brahma’s creation. It never speaks of the difference anywhere. But Hindu religion had a curse that, its fame got spoiled by the persons who belonged to this religion.

Hindu religion has given the better respectable places to woman than any other religions in the world. Hindu religion worshipping the Goddess Akilaandakodi Brahmaanda Nayaki as woman is the base for all the creations. Our religion also insists that if only shakthi exists, Shivam will exist otherwise he is just a dead corpse. At the same time, there are people who just celebrates dumping woman are in the same religion.

The only good thing is, it is not asking for the dress code slavery and separate places for worshipping like the other religions. Across the world, women are suffering due to various difficulties and dominations. Same is happening in India also according to its cultural issues.

But one thing that I can make you clear. There are no instances stating such as avoid the widows, make her baldheaded and isolate in our religion’s four basic books, which are the four Vedas and hundred and ten Upanishads, Brahma soodhram and Sri math Bagavathgita.

It was a habit which is created in later days. It was a fake sastra created by some cruel minds. It doesn’t have a religion’s recognition. Some fake religious people speaking about this and making this practically happen also. Good souls like you should forgive them. And a good thing is, nowadays the Hindu people handle these restrictions very softly. So please consider it. As days passing, many more good things will happen to the society in the future.


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