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Mantras in English language !

     Few people are telling that the mantras in the Sanskrit language are only the much powerful mantras and the mantras of other languages are not powerful and hence cannot be considered as the mantras.  Their statement is right up to what extent?

           Many deep thinkers may feel in their mind after observing the meaning of the mantras in the Sanskrit, we may feel in our mind that the principle concepts are very simple.  Why shall we give so much of priority to these mantras?  Are these mantras so much sacred?  But the fact is not in the meaning of the mantras.

The mantras are not based on the meaningful concepts.  There is no need to prioritize the meaning of the mantras.  The vibration occurring by chanting the mantras is very important.  The mantras become very much powerful due to the ups and downs of the pronunciation of the mantras.  This is why, our ancestors have never shown interest in telling us to know the meaning of the mantras.  They had given their main concern in the accent of pronouncing the mantras.

While analyzing in such a manner, we can know that the Sanskrit language has got the seven rhythms within it which is required basically to spell the mantras.  I don’t say that this nature is not in other languages, but I feel that it is lesser than the Sanskrit language.  There are few types of mantras in other languages also like in Sanskrit.  You may get surprised to know about even in the youngest language of the world, English has also got some mantras.  The epic named Savitri written by Sri Arabindo has got the cadence and pace of the mantras completely.  While the English language has got these mantra vibrations, will the other cultural languages also have such kind of mantras?  Definitely they have.  But the quantity is not a much.  This shortage is not there in the Sanskrit language.  This language has got magical vibrations within in naturally.  That is why this is called as the divine language.

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