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About 4 years have completed after my marriage.  My husband has never been up to the expectation of my heart during this period.  To frankly tell you, he considers me as an object to be with him in the bed.  I have just run the life with him having the fear of the society, the status of my father, etc. bearing all the grievances in mind without declaring to anyone.  Meanwhile he has got illegal connection with another woman recently.  He has told me about this and also spends the night with the woman by bringing her to our home.  Now I do not like to live with him.

But my mind says that it is a sin to get split from the husband irrespective of his most evil deeds and nastiest behavior and I shall live with him by bearing all his malicious actions according to the Hindu culture and Indian morals.  Whether I shall live by getting split from him as I feel in my heart or shall bear everything and live with him as I feel in my mind?  I request your good selves to kindly show me a right path way as a divine person knowing all the Vedic factors. I will proceed to live according to your guidance.
Expecting your response,
Anonymous female reader.

The woman is seen as an object of enjoyment not only by the Hindu community but also by the whole human community of the world.  The women have not been accepted that they are the half of the human crowd.  This stage will have change in the near future with the grace of the god.  None of our Vedic epics or literatures surely welcomes the woman slavery.  They consider the nature and the god as male and female with no partiality and considering them as equally.  They donot allow that it is a real life of a human by being adulterous in his life without following the loyal factors of a true human being.  Moreover while analyzing the ancient historical life sequences it is clear that the male and female human beings have lived evenly and their deeds were having equal importance.

The Rig Veda has neglected the person as the worst human having a keep woman even though he has done several marriages.  Moreover the Adharvana Veda clearly declares that the woman who has no mind to live together with a man who has been betraying his wife being unfaithful can be rejected by the woman without any hesitation.  All the proverbs which mean that an immoral husband who has gone to the prostitute being carried in a basket by his own wife, the husband is a better half even though he is not loyal to his wife, etc. have all been created in the next generation after the creation and invention of the holy epics or Vedas.

The actions of the male who is your present husband cannot be tolerated by any human having humanity feeling.  Therefore you get out from your husband and start living your life.  Don’t bother about anyone saying about the culture of being without husband.  The reason is that such kinds of deeds are not accepted by the epics.  You shall also have another important point in mind.

It is not a big achievement to get split from the husband.  You shall bravely face the climacteric situations of the society having cruel face after you come out from your husband.  The society will terror you, scare you, upset you with its dramatic actions.  There will be few good people and holding hands which may not be able to be found by you.  You can tolerate all such problems and troubles with your smart and sportive efforts with the elegant grace of the god.  You can do this.

The lord laid on the milky ocean Lord Perumal of Srirangam who is worshipped by me will be on your side and help you in all my endeavors.

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