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Ways to disappear...

         Nobody can order the air to be in a specific place itself. Likewise the presence of the siddha saint cannot be concluded that they will be here, they will not be here, etc. They will be anywhere they wish to be. They will show the presence of their place to others very rarely.

Many times they will be in a worst place also where they cannot be recognized by us as a siddha. They will be like a mad person, beggar and also like a thief. Once I met such a person in the railway station.

SiddhasA brutal man came and sat next to me on the cement bench. The smell of alcohol came from him twisted my bowel. He was smoking a cigar feeling that the smell of alcohol is insufficient to that place’s odor. It was very much terrible to see him how to identify those people who do not have the common sense of realizing the embracement of the people around them.

He did another atrocity in front of my eyes itself. The time was very much peaceful without even a single men entering inside the railway station. There was no train arrival immediately at that time. The presence of the railway employees was also not there. Both of us were sitting along with a young man waiting for  the next train where there was no presence of any other human.

About four crows were sitting on the railway track. That alcoholic person did a thing which was unexpected by anyone. He threatened the young man sitting aside by us by showing a pen knife which he had kept hidden.

I never thought about happening of such an incident even in my dream.  My whole body was sweating and my tongue has stuck to my mouth.  I couldn’t even scream in fear.  The condition of the young man was worst than my situation.  He gave the hundred rupee note from his pocket to him and put the book in his hand down and ran away while the man was seeing the money.

SiddharHe went to bring the railway employees for help. Meanwhile, that alcoholic person did a magic. He threw the money on the floor and hit it with his leg like hitting some enemy with the leg. I got more fear by seeing this scene. He is a drunkard, a thief too and also a mad person. I thought to call someone for help thinking about how to face that person if he troubles me. I opened my mouth to scream but he asked me to shut my mouth and told me he would not harm me in anyway and he started walking on the railway tracks. Whether you believe or not, he walked a while and disappeared like a hollow man.

Meanwhile, the young man came along with the railway employees and asked me where is he? I could not open my mouth while I was on the edge of surprise and shock. I showed them the way he had gone. Meanwhile, one of the railway employees who found a 100 rupee note on the floor and told OK leave this matter he seems to be a mad person. Even though, I could not understand about the reason of the happening of this incident, I have understood clearly that the siddha people will come as thieves also. 

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