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Wandering Nakedly with Nude Body?

                  It is a worst life of living without knowledge instead of wandering nakedly with nude body. The human being has been created by the god as an animal like the rest of creatures. But if he has got any small distance between him and the other animals is the development occurred due to his knowledge. This is why our ancestors used to tell that the knowledge is also important to live the life like the requirement of the breath.

All of us work hard in various types to improve our knowledge. To tell clearly the lessons from our daily experiences sharpens our knowledge. The knowledge also gets developed along with the period. The human community goes on going. We get knowledge in various aspects. There are many ways being the base for the improvement of knowledge such as reading, listening, feeling. The best is to worship the god.

There is a proverb in Tamil which means that how much ever you roll yourself in the mud by applying the oil all over the body a limited mud only will get stuck to the body. Therefore how much ever we learn the knowledge blessed by the god will alone be permanent and helpful to us. Hence we shall never skip the prayer to the god in spite of our attempts in various other sources to acquire the knowledge.

The correct time to pray the god requesting to offer the knowledge is the full moon day falling on Vaikasi (May-June) Month. The reason is that the Vaikasi full moon day comes in the star of Visaka (the lunar mansion). Visaka is the star of Lord Murugan. This is why Lord Murugan has got another good name called Visakan. The Lord Murugan is the ocean of knowledge, Mountain of wisdom. The knowledge in all the creatures comes only from the Lord Murugan.

It is a Holy belief that the Lord Murugan will bless with the boons of knowledge if we worship him on the day of Vaikasi full moon day. The Vaikasi full moon day is an auspicious day not only for the Hindus but also for all the people of Budhism. That is why Lord Buddha has got the boon of wisdom under the Bodhi tree directly from the god. Therefore the Vaikasi full moon day is also celebrated as the Buddha poornima. The Lord Buddha is born, got the knowledge, got the stage of salvation named as Nirvana on this auspicious day of Vaikasi full moon day.

We shall offer curd rice, water mixed with jaggery, butter milk etc. liberally on charity on this Vaikasi full moon day after worshipping the Lord Murugan, the son of Lord Shiva after having full bath in the holy water sources. We can pay the school fees for the education of the poor people having interest to study or we can get them at least notebooks. If we do such kind of charitable activities the Vaikasi full moon day will offer limitless knowledge to us. All the days of the rest of our life will glitter like the full moon day.  

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