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Start your life, even if you face many opposition

        Dear Sir, Greetings to you.  It is a big mistake to raise questions like this with a great man. However, since my situation is very bad, I don’t have any option except to ask this question.  Please forgive me for my mistake and request you humbly to show a good way.

By birth I am a Brahmin, and since two years I am in love with a low class caste girl. She is a good girl with great character and quality.  Even though she is not highly educated, she has got a very sharp brain and this has only attracted me towards her.

As I am 30 years old, with a good job, Parents started looking bride for me.  I am at a loss, as to how to start the matter of my love with them. My father is a very strict person with Madi and Aacharams.  To accept my love, there are many obstacles/barriers for him.  Even if my Mother will not tell anything, she does not have the courage to oppose my Father. Because of this, I have very little confidence, about getting married with my Parents acceptance.

Some friends advised, “All persons (lovers) who get married crossing the caste barrier, and against the wishes of their parents, have not led a good life.  Don’t take risk and ruin your life” Some people show the real facts of life.

However, I mind is not ready to abandon her, who has got belief in me. I had decided to live together,  somehow. But I am an ordinary person. I am confused and fearing whether my decision is right or not. Thus hesitating to act

Sir, according to my vision, you are person who knows everything.  Now without hiding you advise me, as to what decision I should take, whether to abandon my lover or boycott my parent, which is better. Whatever you say, I will take it as God’s words.


           Your Father has great belief in Shastras and rituals which are followed years together.  One day morning, all of a sudden, if you go and tell him “All your beliefs are baseless.  Immediately you should drop all these” definitely he will not be able to accept it.

Even though we talk in a stage that “Tamil society has grown up caste and creed differences have disappeared,” we know that surely this is not true. In office, neighbor relationships, giving and taking loan we can see caste factor is there.  If you deny it, it is like closing your eyes, and telling I am blind.  Only in villages caste is there, but no in cities is a civilized lie. We see empirically, In India’s every nook and corner still caste is there with affluence. If it all, we can say it is with reduced vigor.

Therefore, expecting that your Parents will accept this inter caste marriage is waste of time.  Fortunately, if that is the case, thanks to God.  Likewise, I can’t fully accept your friend’s version of people who got married by inter caste marriage will suffer in their life. As far I know, I have seen directly, so many love marriage couples living happily

Moreover, in your horoscope, Kedu is in the second place to Mercury. Generally, according to Kousika nadi (Pulse) if Kethu is in first, second, fifth, ninth place to Mercury, they will fall in love. It is told, if either guru or Venus sees Kethu which is in the above said position, definitely love marriage will happen. In your horoscope Guru sees Kethu.  Therefore only love marriage will happen to you. That too, we can surely say, will continue life long

Further, when we see the horoscope prediction of the girl you love, except that she will also gain her Parent’s opposition and get married, we can not tell any deficiency, other than this. She is very great in character, prosperity, children’s birth, long life, good wife character.

If only I am your father, I will penance before their house, and get that girl married to you.  Fix the marriage date bravely. Start your life, even if you face thousands of opposition.  By God’s grace, all the separated relations will come to you.  My blessing will be always with you. Lord Narayana will do well.  

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