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Let us go through that door to understand life.

       After creating the entire Universe, GOD created human. As human creation is the last one, he has given special attention to that.  Because of that only, all the human are more or less like GOD.  Only one power which God has is not available with human. To float in the water he invented Boat.  To see the excavated earth image, he found out mines. Thinking what he has achieved in earth is enough, he started measuring Celestial zone.  By tramping on the moon and touching Mars. The only one power human has not got is creating new lives.  He finds a way for creating of new life, he will then become God.  Will it happen?  Is it possible to happen?  Since long, all these arguments are taking place.  This is not required by us.  What we should know and feel is, being human is not an ordinary creation, and we are almost equal to God.

Fox is tricky than man. The tiger and the lion are more heroic and courageous than man.  Even innocent deer runs faster than human.   Before an Elephant’s strength, human is only a small straw.  All these animals which have more qualifications than the strength of human can’t make him slave under them, the reason being they don’t have the brain strength which human possess.  Using this brain power, human can make surrender anything which has got more strength/power.   How is the human who is a strange creation? We should think over this.
Wild life animals, even in a season, rain is not coming, and there is no water to drink or food to eat, they do not grieve for that.   Even if they see death in front their eyes also, they don’t fear.  But man is not like that.  If continuously famine comes for 10 years also, they are able to save food according to the period.   Even if serious disease   or aggressive natural disaster comes also, using his knowledge /brain, as far as possible, he can escape from that.  But he is not happy like those animals.  Why is it?

Once, Christ told to his disciples, “See those birds flying in the sky. They don’t seed or cut anything.  But they are flying happily. What is the meaning for this?  Even those birds, which don’t save anything for tomorrow to lead their life, are flying happily. But having everything why you are struggling in the dark forest. The original reason for creating man as man is, he should live happily without any sadness/suffering.  But man by using his excessive brain, losing his joy, is crying sitting in a corner.

Really what every man expects? He expects, he object of his creation, his life’s natural happiness. But poor man, he doesn’t know, what gives eternal happiness always, and like water bubble which gives unstable happiness.  One thinking if mountain like money is there, he can get happiness, he works hard and saves money, and thinking O! I had saved/earned so much of money and jumps out of joy. 

But that joyous mood and jumps lasts there for one second only.  The next second he is afraid with a fear that somebody may grab that money.  Because of this sadness comes. Then deciding only empowered post will save this money, he walks to achieve that. After getting that also, thinking some other persons who are having wishes like him to get the power, may grab this, he is spending sleepless nights.  Because of that also there is sadness.  Along with money and power, enemies who are jealous about this have also increased.  To escape from them, he thinks to keep his kith and kin near him. Each person has different desires, and unable to fulfill them again he is struggling and because of this sadness comes.

 Titles, power, money, relations, the status, all these things are not permanent, but man thinks all these are only permanent.  What is the reason for that?  He thinks that things which are controllable by him like pleasure only of witnessing, by eyes pleasure only of listening through ears, the pleasure of consuming, taste, the pleasure, on sense are only real happiness. Because of this thinking only man who is supposed to be happy in his life, is feeling sadness.  Not only visually seen are permanent, but things are not visible to the eyes are also permanent.  Love, compassion, abundance, satisfaction, peace all these can’t be touched by hands and felt, but, they can be felt through our senses and feelings.

A person is coming before us by walk and he is having something in his hand, but we don’t know what it is.  We are waiting to see what he is having in his hand, once he comes near us.  He also comes near us, but seeing us he hides the thing he is having in his hands. But both, when he came near us, or when he is coming from the distance, we don’t know what he is having.  Because of this, we are very eager to know what it is.   The eagerness grows so fast and finally it changes into sadness. Like this, searching what is that which gives permanent pleasure to us we are suffering. Most of us spend our lifetime like this, searching for the pleasure.

How many people’s life, disappears without a trace, like an ash mixed in the air, without any meaning to their life. Because of this, they are unable to have the benefits of their birth. One, who understands crystal clearly about why he has born, becomes the Champion. In the history book, gets a permanent place. In fact, we all have born to achieve. For this only, God created us. But without realizing/knowing that, we born and die again and again. Who are we? What we need to get?  Starting from today, let us explore what is permanent and eternal happiness. If we try little bit sincerely, God will open many secret doors for us. Come, Let us go through that entrance/door and try to understand life philosophy.

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