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Life after Death

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                We have been using the beautiful word ‘living for ever’ frequently considering that this is has a static nature and thinking that will never get spoiled in any situation.  We also relate this word with death by telling that he has becoming living forever.  Is it right to use this word with a static meaning to spot the transient life of the human’s end.

We can understand the real meaning of this word, if we see this word in the philosophical view instead of examining this word in grammatical view.

We can feel that the life is a treasure of experiences in few circumstances and appears like a sharp knife in other situations if we see the life having these points in mind such as; what is human life?  Is there anything like life in real?  If yes then is it having various concepts within it or it has only one philosophy, etc.  The life is in the position transforming to unstable condition at any time.  Then, we feel to fear that the death alone will be a stable thing in the end of life.

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The Indian philosophy jumps to another branch from one and also compares with each other.  But the western philosophy compares this to a broken pot.  We can understand about the real meaning of the word ‘living for ever’ if we know whether the death is a jumping or it is the final decision of life.

It may be a natural thing to understand about the death.   But it is a difficult thing to realize it.  If it is like this, if death is occurring to a person then according to us that soul is getting hidden from our senses and from the world’s movements. The person named Rama who was moving with our body and feelings has become just a concept material today after his death.  That’s all.  But we don’t know that about the matters such as Rama himself knows about his ending or he has felt about concept of the next chapter of his ended life.  Because no one has the experience of the death.

If we have to get the experience of the death being alive in this world, we will have to follow some methods without any regulations and with complete faith.  Why am I telling to follow this with complete faith is that the intellect of the mind may not help in many aspects. There will not be any poor community if success can be attained in everything by using the intellect of the mind.  The experience also helps us in everything.  But the intellect of mind is also required in few topics along with the experience and the faith.

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Even though we cannot understand about the death completely, we can understand at least a stage of that if we try our best to understand about the death using our strength of all the three aspects such as the intellect of the mind, the experience, the faith.

We don’t know what is happening around us and within us while we are in deep sleep.  Let us see this in another angle also.  We will not know about any events happen around us until we get cleared from the unconsciousness.  Likewise many situations may occur raising our doubt that if the death experience also may be like this.

In this sequence, we have to observe a very important matter and have that in mind.  Death will happen to living people only.  Hence it is a matter related to life.  Therefore we can come to a conclusion about the end of our life by understanding about the perpetuity and the revelation of the life and then think about the death.

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How do we judge immediately that a living being is alive?  We are able to know about the status of life on the basis of the movement & temperature of the body.  If it is like this then we can tell about the grammar of the life based on the movement philosophy.  Generally we can understand the differentiation with the shape and operation of the living beings like animals, human, etc.  The shape and appearance of these will not have any kind of change for few hours of the death.  Since there is no difference between the dead body and the living being, can we consider that the body has further life?

Among the species of mammals, birds and animals like the cow's body heat in the cold and we think that if they die. This will ensure the death of aquatic animals to the cooling system unworkable.

We consider that they have dead by touching the birds, animals of the mammal community like human being, cow, etc. and feeling that the body heat has become cold.  Such kind of confirmation of the death by analyzing the body heat will not be useful for the animals, mammals living in water.  The reason is that their body temperature will permanently be cool.  Their death can be decided by their immovable condition.  Such kind of immovable condition will be suitable to the animals living in water but not for the trees and other plants. We can know about the end of life of the plants by the growing form of the plants.
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The varieties of judgment of the death like the movement, growth, heat, etc. are the uneven motion of the cells.  All the above are the physical search activities about the external nature of the body.  We can know more about the life motion by inspecting the internal structure of the body rather than analyzing the external nature of the body.

There is a common aspect for all the living beings.  That is the chemical changes processed inside that living being forever.  There are various types of distinctive and wonderful similarities within the chemical changes of the living beings which has no connection between each other.

The science is telling that the birth of a living being or evolution of life is to develop into a new substance or living being from some supplement ingredients getting mixed from a specific antibody.
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One of the philosophical part of our Vedas,  is also conveys this.  That is the color of the betel leaf is green, the color of the lime is white, the color of the areca nut is brown.  There will not be red color in all these three objects.  When all these three are mixed in a specific extent then it becomes to red color.  Likewise the so called life developed within the living planet called earth.

The Vedas and the science say that there is a general nature within all the living bodies.  We have to deeply scrutiny this.  We can come to an absolute conclusion in the subject of our stages of being alive by deeply scrutinizing this.

For example we use the wood of the trees as the burning material.  There are no parts similar to the wood within our body or outside our body.  But the chemical named glycogen which is present in the tree is present in the human body also.  There is no major difference between the glycogen present in the tree and in the human body.  Moreover there are major congruities between the chemical changes occurring in various parts of the tree like root, bole leaves, etc. and the chemical changes occur in the human body.
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The roots of the tree will also require the vital air like the requirement for the human beings. The requirement of the vital air inhaled by the trees in every minute has been proved by scientific instruments.  The process of the food burnt and converted to effective material within our body will also happen to all the plant varieties also.  The sugar will not burn by itself.  But when it is burnt together with the vital air or the oxygen it becomes like a burnable material.  To burn like that a kind of liquid called enzyme is required.  The complete vital air required for our body shall get added to a type of enzyme along with iron factor.  The protein required for the function of the body i.e., the activity of the body will be available during such kind of a mixing process.

The reason is that the liquid named enzyme is used for creating the changes of various types happening in all the body parts of the living beings from five senses to the six senses, plants, etc. and to convert the food particles to an effective substance required for the body.  Both the process of conversion of the sugar as a powder in the potato and the sugar in our body becoming as glycogen, are the same.  The materials produced in the end will differ due to these changes.  The same type of chemical changes can be declared as the identification of various living beings.
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The animals eat food materials.  The plants create their food materials themselves.  Even though both these processes seem to be different new changes have been happening by breaking and creating these materials newly within both of them.

The science says that the vitality is the chemical which is the root cause for the chemical changes reason for happening like that.  If this chemical stops its work or loses its power then the death will occur and then this chemical will not hold any other object and its function will also stop.  That means it will not make it alive.  The vitality within a body will get damaged along with the body immediately after the ruining of the body.   That’s all.  It will not have any further work.  The science declares that the re birth and the life in the other world are just imaginations and fabrications only.

We have to clearly understand about the conditions and the position of the science before believing the statement of the science about the destruction of the vitality along with the body.  The science will take into consideration only about the topics which can be seen with the eyes and felt with the sanity.  The scientists will keep aside of all the topics which is beyond the senses of the human mind.  Is this a right method?  Can we come to a conclusion of all the matters based on the senses of the human mind?

We have to come to a conclusion about the correctness of the topic ‘proving by senses’ taken by the science before examining about the correctness of the statement declared by the science about the vitality of the living beings.  The reason is that the result of the inspection shall be the same irrespective of the inspection by any number of persons for any number of times.  The end results shall not be considered as final conclusion if they vary in every inspection.
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To attain a believable end result the research instruments of the examiner shall be of standard quality without any distinction in quality.  The complete truth can be declared only if this regulation is followed.  We have to properly take decision about the conclusion of the senses is believable or unchanging while researching about the vitality of the living being and about the research of delicate matters, with the support of the sensory organs.

The person who is researching upon such kind of matter or any other kind of matter is bound to be a human being of his time line and various other natural situations.  If he is not bound to anything and a person having an independent nature of declaring the results, the nature of the results can be amended or hidden by the administrative Government if the end results are distinctive from the political and economical happenings of the country.  Nobody can forget various happenings occurred in the history of scientific research.

For example all the people who know the history of the world politics, that the scientists of the old Soviet Union have not declared the end results in public which was hidden to the world, the scientists of Germany have declared apprehensive comments about the principles of the Nazies.
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While the status of the researchers and the research is like this, let us now see the status of the senses which are depended for the research.

Many judgments have been given in the court based on the eye witness as the very important witness.  Generally, nobody will object if anyone says that they have seen with their eyes.  The physical witness seen by the eyes is given so much of importance. But we can identify various crimes  and conflicts if we deeply inspect the physical view having the questions in mind that whether giving the judgment with the eye witness as the important witness is right? Is the scene shown by the eyes is true?

Let us think that we are travelling in a train. We will feel that all the natural sceneries are moving back if we focus on the external appearance while we see from the window. We can say that this seems like that because we are moving forward. If we see ourself in the mirror while we comb our hair and while we eat our food, we can notice that all the actions done by us are done by the left hand while we do them by the right hand. Likewise, we can list out such kind of scenes with various examples.

Let us now take the tasting sense for discussion. It is believed that the tasting nerves are in the tongue. But we can see that a person eating an apple even if his eyes are bound with a cloth is able to realize and tell that he has eaten an apple. Likewise, various changes and conflicts can be felt in the feeling or sense of touching. Hence we can clearly understand that all the sensing components of the body are not in a position to function properly and faithful to our sensing mind.

Moreover the physical literature declares clearly that the sensing ability of the eyes to see and the ears to listen is not fixed in a separate component but the main power is in the control of the brain. Therefore it is clear that the belief of the senses is in the control and in the method of the brain’s operation. The brain researchers say that the operation of the brain is based on the neutrons movements and this will differ to every human being.

This provides us a way to conclude that all the senses are not believable while the brain also not believable. We can understand that this is a subject which cannot be accepted or agreed that all the matters are within the sensing organs of the human body and nothing beyond that while we have these as the base. Therefore, the vitality of the living being will never die but the body which shows the faith and experience will alone die. There is nothing wrong to announce firmly that the death is a travel between a body to another physical body.  We need not feel shy to do so.

Our ancestors mention the death as the ever living event since the vitality is a steady and indestructible matter. They named and called the external world as the heaven where all the dead souls which have reached to the vital stage are listed and serialized. The living beings call the dead souls has the ever living beings expecting love, affection and hospitality from the dead souls.

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