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How to avoid troublesome diseases?

Which planet shall be worshipped to get a healthy body?
  What is the remedy to be done?

   The 6th place in every horoscope indicates the physical health symptoms. The physical health of a person will be strong or weak based on the nature of ruler planet of the sixth house. Moreover the planets Saturn, Cauda Draconis (Rahu), etc will play major role in the creation of diseases. Herbal plants like Basil (Tulsi), Neem, Aeglemarmeles (Vilwa), Cynodon Dactylon grass, etc are the major components in inserting the power of these three planets inside the human body parts. Troublesome physical diseases will not be present in our body if we add any of these herbal plants in our food atleast once in a week. It is a good habit to worship the God Dhanvanthri or Dhanvanthri Yantra as per the systems and customs. 

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March 8, 2016 at 8:44 PM

very correct !. i take tulsi or vilva leaf every day atleast one leaf .

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