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Astrological solution to solve the mental problem

Which planet shall be worshipped to get peace of mind?  What are the remedial activities to be done?

G. Vedanth,
   The position of one person’s mind without peace of mind and being confused is based on the gravitational power of the planet moon. Few people gasp for peace having everything to lead their life.   Few people live happily without having anything.

Living a happy or sorrowful life is based on the mental condition.  A person born with a horoscope where the moon is in wrong place, will lead a peace less life in spite of being a king.  If a person is born on the dates on 2, 11, 20,29 his mind will not be stable and will always be puzzled, even if the placement of the moon is in right place. Those people shall always wear white costumes as far as possible.  They can wear a ring studded with a pearl.

They can eat the raw rice by cooking in a leaden vessel added with salt once in a week. They can worship the Goddess Parasakthi who graces the mind and body with courage and confidence.  The wavering mind will be peaceful if done like this.

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