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Where can the well be situated ?

     It is being told that it is good for a well or bore well being situated in the Saturn corner of the home site.  I do not understand whether they have to be exactly formed in the Saturn corner or can they be situated nearby the Saturn corner.  It would be good if Guruji can make this clear.

     The Vasthu Shastra illustrates that the drinking water accumulation place shall be formed in the north east corner of a home site after re dividing the site proposed for building the home exactly in a square shape or long square shape.  Few people like to form the well or the water tank exactly in the Saturn corner based on this indication in the Vasthu Shastra.  This is wrong.  It should not be done according to the Vasthu Shastra.  The Vasthu Shastra conveys that it should be formed in the west side or in the south side with little distance from the Saturn corner.  That portion will become a toxic area of the home if it is formed exactly in the Saturn corner.

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