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The simple ways to get rid of the debts

  Which planet can be worshiped to get out from the burdens of debts?  What is the remedial activity to be done?

     If anyone has the combined placements of the Planets Saturn and Mars in their horoscope, they will be kept on increasing the burdens of debts month by month.  Moreover the trouble of debts will take place if the Saturn is in the places of 1, 2, 5,7, 9, 11, 12 of the horoscope and if the planet Kethu is in the places of 1, 2, 5, 9 of the horoscope. There are some easy secret ways to get out from the burden of debts.  They have been hidden from everyone till now, but I feel that it is good to publicize those secrets for the goodness of the public.

We shall give back a small amount to the person from whom much of the debt has been taken on the day of Asvini Star during the time of Aries Lagna or on the day of Anuradha Star during the time of Scorpio Lagna (Generally this time is called as Maitra Muhurtham)

The complete debt will get closed if the repaying activity is done as said above.  Those who do not know the calculations of Lagna can return back the money in a small amounts of repayments as said above during a Tuesday of Navami Thithi or during a Sunday (or) Saturday or during the Kuligai Timings as seen in the daily calendar.

Those who do not even know such calculations can make the repayment on the Tues Horai of a Tuesday.  If done like this the whole debts will get reduced gradually without fail.

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