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The person who has seen the God!

     We will not be bored by viewing the beautiful moon, the roaring sea, the train running in the bottom of the hill with disgorging the smoke, etc. for any number of times.  The venkatesa subrabhatam which wakes up the Lord Narayana will welcome the morning time.  We will never be bored to hear the wonderful sound of the Bhoopala raga of the flute and the sacrosanct bell sound of the temple on top of the hill, etc. in spite of listening to them every day.  Likewise we will be having uncontrollable anxious to know more about anyone expressing new information despite knowing about hundreds of facts knowing about many divine sages.

The reason is that the imaginary narrations which we have in mind about the confidence of getting all the aspirations of our life which we cannot easily get by approaching the divine sages or Sidhars.  Not only this.

We have lots of expectations upon them such as, the Sidha people will pass on by flying in the sky.  They will walk on the sea where there will be no waves.  They will just control and hold the powerful spinning whirlwind also in their hand. They will just blow with their mouth the burning fire by standing into a big form between the sky and the earth aggressively.

I don’t know about the days till yesterday.  After seeing a video of a Sidhar passing on by flying in a private television, there is a gravitational attraction towards the sidhars for the general public in Tamilnadu.  Many people have launched advertisement hoardings mentioning their names saying that he is the Sidhar considering and utilizing the present situation of even the ignorant persons believing this and the sophisticated people also search for the Sidhas, then the commercial activities started to follow the show.  During this time I had a thought to look about the Sidhars, their principles, their life style,  etc. completely and share everything to others.  That is why I herewith share all my experiences with the Sidhars and my views about the Sidhars, while hundreds of people giving the details about the Sidhars.

Before knowing about the virtues of the Sidhars, it is very important to understand about who are the Sidhars?  There are many good people who are hesitant to spell themselves a poet in spite of getting immense appreciations from many educated people and legendary scholars for their many creations of excellent verses and poems while there are many street side poets who announce themselves as great poets and gossip that their writings shall be respected and honored by all and they read out their writings in the road corners and get appreciations and claps from the foolish people who are sold just for offering a tea.

The story of the Sidhars is also like this.   Many people are publicizing themselves as Sidhars such as a person roaming like a crazy doctor to do surgery telling that they have become doctor by just flipping the pages of one or two college books.  But the real Sidhars will not come on to the dais.  They will not join with the people of the protest gathering.  Therefore we have the duty to prove the clear difference about the true and false figures to the public while there are many ignorant people by believing the fake people and the falsifications being spread without being able to identify them correctly.  We can identify the imitating people only when we get the correct answer for the question of Who is the Sidhars.

It is very difficult to know the answer for the question of Who is the Sidhars while analyzing the sensible activities of the people identified as the Sidhars and by observing the opinions and beliefs being prevailed about the Sidhars.  It is another clear fact that it is very much difficult than this to rightfully tell about the general definition or concluding that this is the structure for the word Sidhar.  To clearly show or judge the truth about anything which is complex or puzzling, that object or mortal shall be clear to vision.  Only then a good answer can be achieved.  But how to get the answer if the thing upon which we examine to know the truth is basically creating the suspicion.

Few people tell that the Sidhars are the people who sacrifice and come out of all the worldly attachments such as Wife, Children, Relatives-attachments, profession, social status, etc. considering these aspects as the dust stuck to their body.  This is not a suitable statement.  Another group of people tell about the Sidhars that while the habit of all the people of the world to eat the cooked food methodically, the Sidhars will be of such a kind of people eating anything even from a Sewage channel considering that as the nectar of the heaven. They are ahead of all the worldly activities and happenings.  Another group of people tell that both these statements are wrong and Sidhars are the people who do unusual masquerade plays and are theurgists and will not do any such activity like a normal human being.

Will such activities like being in a sewage channel or flying in the sky will make an ordinary human being to an immortal or an excellent person?  Doing or learning any conjures or duperies will lead to be punished to born again in this world.  So the Sidhars will not do such stunts.  Few devotees give explanation for the word Sidhars as they are the people who are devoted or dedicated their Sidha or mind to the Lord Shiva.  Few eternal myths believe that it is not that Sidhars have dedicated their mind to Lord Shiva.  Because Shiva itself is a mystical vision.  The Lord Shiva is the last rope to hold the universe.  The work of the Sidhars is not to think about Lord shiva and also about anything else.  Hence the Sidhars are the people who have controlled every desire of their intellectual mind.

Few of the orthodox wise men who have well knowledge in the Hindu epics and mythologies state that the word Sidhu in Tamil language will mean as three.  Everyone know that the Lord Shiva is a God having three eyes.  This is why the sidhas is known as the element of the Lord Shiva and his deeds are called as Sidhu.  While few people ask, whether the Sidhars are related to Lord Shiva only?  Is there no relativity between the reknown Vaishnavas and the Sidhars?  For which those wise men answer like this.  Once upon a time the Lord Vishnu came as a Vamana with three feet of height before his incarnation as the Lord Thiruvikrama Peruman, who elevated and measured the universe.  He came to the Emperor Mavali and asked him to give three feet of land.  Therefore, the word three will indicate the Lord Vishnu only and hence the sidhars are the devotees of the Lord Vishnu.

We are not such scholars having knowledge about everything.  We are not the sages who have left the family life and all the desires of the mind.  We are just ordinary human beings, who eat while we feel hungry, who sleep while we are tired and who fight with the life for bread and butter.  We are not in a position to understand about such kind of philosophical theories.  There is also no need for us to understand about all this.  Let us come to a conclusion about who are these Sidhars.  Let us decide and conclude that even though the Sidhars are normal human beings, they are powered with superior capabilities of doing godly deeds.  We can also come to another conclusion.  The devotee is craving to see the God.  The Sidhar is a person who has attained the salvation by seeing the God.

There cannot be any secondary opinion to any one that the Sidhar is a person who had the blessings of visioning the God and enjoyed the benefits of the same.  But there are various complaints about these Sidhars.  Many people have been complaining about the Sidhars that they are selfish, mentally retarded people, they are atheists who do not believe the God,  they are just dramatic people who cheat the people and spoil the social wellness, etc.  Few more people complain about the Sidhars importantly that they hated the women and they have been considering the women as just a desire of enjoyment.  They blame majorly upon the Sidhars that they have been insulting the women by considering them as a murder and as an unpleasant stuff like how an ordinary man frightens by just seeing a snake.  Sidhars are really such persons?  Let us see that in the next blog.

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