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Is there any benefit with the Vasthu Fish?

  Few people grow Vasthu Fishes in their homes.  Will the blemishes of the home be removed by growing these fishes?

   The human being has started to grow the pet animals and birds from the age of the civilization.  The cows helped the human for doing the work in the crop industry.  in addition to this, they tendered him the food products like milk, ghee, etc. which were very much considered as useful for the human.  Apart from fulfilling his food needs, the goats were bestowing him the skins to protect the cold to the human.  The dogs were very much useful while doing the hunting and for guarding the human.  The hens and chickens were raking the soil at the home gardens and provided the required fertilizers required for the soil.  They lived by just eating the unwanted bugs and insect lives.

The pet animals such as cats have guarded the crops by hunting the rats which spoil the crops kept in the homes.  They guarded the homes by not allowing any hindrance from the poisonous creatures.  The horses helped the human being for making the travel fastly.  The elephants were very much helpful to the human beings at the war field, to worship the God, to thresh the crops and grains.  Consequently, the human was taking good care of these animals as his own children and not by seeing them as the animals having five senses or low intellects.

Likewise the animals which were very much useful to all the day to day activities of the human, were providing good and bad benefits to the humans with their natural characteristics.  For example the shephards will remove the sheep or goats from the flock if they find any strange kind of circlet or whirl infection upon their body.  The reason being commonly told is that if the infected goat will spoil the whole group of the goats with epidemic diseases and also affect the life style of the shepherd.

Our ancestors have created individual observatory notes based on the peculiarity of the horses, elephants, etc. for us to know about the good and bad benefits ought to have through the pet animals being grown.  The section explaining about why the human being grow the pet animals in the home is giving various surprising facts and figures.

Our ancestors state a very important statement in their books and epics of notes that the pet animals will sense any kind of dreadful evil and seize the power within themselves by evading the crisis of unexpected trouble to one’s home.  Furthermore it is notified that the pet animals will grasp the immoral blemishes such as,  the evil eye cast of others upon the man and will stand as a redeeming pillar to the human.

If observed in this approach, all the pet animals and birds being grown at our homes will intake or grab the trouble focused upon us and live or die for our welfare.  This principle is suitable for all the animals from elephant to the cat.  Moreover it is being told that the fishes will also take hold of our difficulties and losses within them and save our lives.  It is clear that any kind of fish can be grown and the result will be same based on these facts of our ancestors.

In addition to this it is a foolish belief that all the Vasthu blemishes will get resolved by growing a specific fish.  For example, there is no evidence that all the defects will get cleared by using the Vasthu power such as growing Vasthu fishes for the defect being believed that if the bath room and toilet being in the Eshanya corner i.e., in the north east corner of the house, the house will not have any developments, but as a matter of fact these portions shall have to be modified and reconstructed according to the Vasthu positions and not by just growing the Vasthu fishes.  The reason is that all the fishes will have the same kind of gravitational power, whether they are ordinary type of fishes or the fishes named as the Vasthu fishes.  

The business of selling the Vasthu fishes is a misrepresentation business being doing by wrongly using the confidence of the people upon the Vasthu Shasthra.  It is not an intelligent deed to buy this fish for thousands of rupees.  Hence my opinion is that it will be good and correct if deep consultation is taken before getting involved in such matters.

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