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Will we destroy our enemies?

      Guruji, I have many enemies in my profession and also in personal life. They are affecting my day to day life. They don’t want to stop their enmity with me. Life and time is getting wasted cases, courts and with lawyers. What is the way to get relieved from this torture? Please guide me.
With Regards,
                                                                                                            Vincent Jebaraj,
             For removing enemies from life, it is good to do “sathru samhaara homam (yagna) ”. But I don’t have a good opinion on it. Sathru samhaaram means destroying enemies completely. We get hurt when we are troubled by our enemies. But we cannot get peace when we destroy our enemies.

When we think to destroy others, a great misery is going to surround us. We don’t have the right to destroy anything. If we do that, many curses and sins will surround us and our family. Yet, we have complete rights to save ourselves from the enemies. It don’t possess any sins. So we can do “sudharsana homam (yagna) on every three amavasya days”. Surely, we will get good results.

PS: Amavasya means new moon night in Sanskrit. The word Amavasya is common to almost all Indian languages as most of them are derived from Sanskrit.

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