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We have to take lessons from Muslims

       In many temples, money is being collected to enable the Special Darshan of the God.  Rich people and people in great designated positions are given the first preference.  Poor people have not been given the chances to get the chance of peaceful worship and they are pushed out toward back in the que.  Is it right to show such partiality in worshipping the God?  Many people have such a kind of Snarling suspicion about this.

So many people are publicizing that the Hindu religion isolates the people into various classes and is very much partial  with the people.  The divisions in the hindu religion is not based on caste, wealth, family and tradition but the soul.  Hindu religion is not respecting other kinds of differences except the soul.

If a person is appreciated for his talents and awards, no one will consider his caste and his wealth. That is not only applicable in case of social life, but also in spiritual life.

Special dharshan for rich and politicians is a big blunder. It is an insult for the temple. Poor or rich, everyone is equal before God.

Mecca in Saudi Arabia is the holy place for muslims. Even if the king is coming late, last place will be given to him in masjid. This system of preference less worshipping must be appreciated wherever it is. Therefore, we must take a lesson from Muslims in this case.

As Nandhanar story described in periya puranam, it was said that, before self immolating himself, priests and Brahmins praised Nandhanar. Gopalakrishna bharathi had sung with a little alteration in it. 

In ancient times, people gave same position to rich and poor in the places of worship. But in the recent times, people became money minded and giving preferences.

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