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To Get Amrtha Thara Mantra Through Post

To Get Amrtha Thara Mantra Through Post..

The Procedure is

Let the Lord Shri Krishna, the first god of all the Divine beings bless you for your application and the interest to obtain “Amirtha Dhāra Mantra Deetchai”!!! The Guruji will ever pray the God for you and your family’s long and prosperous life.

You full size photograph is required to get the above said Mantra Deetchai.  To select appropriate Mantra your full size photograph is compulsory to calculate the looks and features of your physical body according to the Samudrika Lakshana.  In addition to this the photograph shall be a latest one.

The mandatory details of your name, age, mother – father’s name, Paternal grandfather's name, etc. shall be mentioned in the letter sent to us.  It will be excellent if you can also mention the details of the present place of your residence and the native place, etc.

To get the Amirtha Dhāra Mantra Deetchai, you shall donate INR 3,500/- as an offering to the Guru. Those who reside outside the country of India, shall remit the offering in the bank and enclose the receipt without forgetting along with the letter and send us the same.

We will send you the suitable Mantra from the list of Mantras and the methods of practice on an auspicious day within ten days of the letter received from you.  We pray the god to bless you with the fortunate of doing this Mantra worship and offer all kinds of joys and delights in your life.

Important Note :-

We kindly request you to call us through the telephone to discuss about any doubts or queries.

Kindly specify that you need the mantra in English

+91-9884482551, +91-9442426434

Postal Address:

                    4/76 c Kamaraj Road,  
                    Arakandanallur -  605752
                    Tirukoilur  (Tk),
                    villupuram (Dt),

Cell No:- +91-9884482551 

Online Pay :-


Bank Details:

Name : Balu Guruji
Account Number : 228801500160
IFSC Code : ICIC0002288
VENGUR branch

West Union Details:

                    P.Sathish Kumar,
                    4/76 c Kamaraj Road,  
                    Arakandanallur -  605752
                    Tirukoilur  (Tk),
                    villupuram (Dt),


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