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The Age of Vaasthu Sastra

   Nowadays, Vasthu sastra has developed in our nation and other countries. The belief has also been developed that vasthu sastra is the science of the ancient architecture. But a friend of mine tells that vasthu has been in practice since five hundred to six hundred years ago and he also adds that there was no vasthu in the ancient days. Whether vasthu sastra was created in the middle period or it is existing from the ancient times. Guruji please explain?
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Gowri Shankar,
 ,                                                                                               Singapore.
     Everyone knows Mahabharatha. Thuriyodhanan was planning to kill pandavas inside the Arakku palace. The Arakku palace was being located in Varanavadham. There is a note that Thuriyodhanan asked to vaasthu sastris for the making the immediate fire of the palace.

Mahabharatha also says that, Sri Krishna had set up Indhra prastham for pandavas with the help of vasthu sastra expert Mayan. Also, after the collapse of North madhura, Lord Krishna had set up Dhwaraka as a head quarters.

In Ramayana, Rama insists Lakshmana to set up panchavadi according to vasthu sastra method when they came vanavasam to forest. In Ramayana, there is a information which says people should not excrete facing east side.

More than everything, there is a word “Vaasthospathi” in Rigveda. The meaning of this word is happiness, protection and fertility. Acharyas believe that the word ‘Vasthu’ might have been created from the root word ‘Vaasthospathi’. So Vasthu has evidence in Vedas too.

So, it is not just your friend’s ignorance which expressed the opinion on vasthu. It shows the vengeance and the plan to insult nation’s sciences and arts. If you have to get some knowledge about Indian traditions, you have to study the book entitled why and for what the hindu religious ceremonies?

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