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Spirits Set Free by Guruji !

Secret of the Guruji - 2

     What does Spirits and Ghost mean to us? White cloths, without legs, fragrance of Jasmine, sound of bells and so on have been deep rooted in our minds. The reason behind this is cinema, novels and our Granny. They have dramatized how people under the influence of evil spirits   behave strange and unnatural. Do spirits influence us? We raised this question to Guruji.

He laughed. He said that we imagine and remain ignorant, which is dangerous also. People who have died of snake bite are less than people who died because of fear .Fear is the dreadful disease and this fear has been installed in our early age.

Some cinema threatens us with the way in which spirits behave. But for the people who knows the truth all this is just a joke .First one should understand the basics of Spirits. Since soul resides in our body, we are called Humans. Spirits doesn’t have body. This is the only difference. Black eyes, strange teeth and beaked nose are our imagination.

Spirits are not only white in color. In my understanding they are black, white and orange in colour. Female spirits doesn’t have special sounds. They come with no sounds or with different sounds. If we were fat, it doesn’t mean that are spirit should also be the same. Spirits are gaseous and so they float in air.

If the body is the only difference, how do they know the future when we cannot do this? Guruji said a person who walks on a wall knows what is happening inside and outside the wall. Death separates soul from the body and soul do not have the bodily pains. So soul can perceive the past, present and Future. Since our body suffers in pain we cannot travel in the chariot of time.

Spirits can tell us about the future but cannot change the good and bad things we have to undergo. Knowing the future is also a means of protecting us. He said only God can change the TIME.

We asked him whether spirits have warned him personally or generally about the happenings. He said he has many examples to quote and he said one example.

“Mantras can deteriorate a good body with slow poisoning or even kill a person. We have the opposite mantras to tackle them .I had a desire to know these mantras. I tried but failed. I expressed my failure to my friend Mr.Velunaiyakam who died of a miserable incident. Once when I talked to his spirit, he said this particular mantra is available in a particular place with a particular person and asked me to contact him.

I followed his advice and I learnt that Mantra .I mastered the mantra only because of Velunaiyakam spirit. He helped me even after his death and made me understand that spirits can help in a big way. Likewise I have also experienced bad things from spirits .When spirit requests me to help them to attain shanthi, I suffered physically and mentally.”

We have experienced a few things when we were with Guruji. Once we travelled with him to Uvari St.Antony’s church. When we were about to cross the flagstaff of the church our car stopped unexpectedly. After 5 minutes we taught we will go and sit in the beach but Guruji denied and asked us to drive to our ancestral home.

Before we reached home, Guruji experienced terrible stomach pain and loose motion. He became tired for just travelling 5 hours. After we reached home he was feeling better. When we asked him what had happened he said the Flagstaff of St.Anthony church has millions of spirits tied and they have stopped the car to make him help them to get freedom. He said” I chanted the mantras and set them free and the consequence is this pain.”

Only Guruji can laugh in his sufferings and pain. 

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