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Life is possible without Vasthu?

              Some People having a good life, even though they don’t live in houses which are not built by obeying vasthu. If vasthu can have impact on life, how can those people are happy?  

                 The world has positive and negative vibrations. Although we don’t not realize it, it is present. While realizing those vibrations, man don’t have evidence to prove it. So that the facts remain as just belief’s.

Houses are the smallest forms of the world. Vasthu helps keep all positive vibrations only inside the home. A dull student will study well if he has contacts with the intellectual people. Likewise, a person with a bad horoscope will be receiving good results when living in a home built according to Vasthu.

Likewise a person with good horoscope will suffer, if he lives in a home which is not built according to vasthu. Even though he has hundred percent chance to get good things in life, he will just get only twenty percent of it. He will be mistaking that only twenty percent of happiness present is his destiny.

Hence, it is not people those live in houses which don’t built according to vasthu is living good. The truth is they have even better life than their present life.

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