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Journey to Planet Mars !

Secret of the Guruji - 1

     It’s a natural desire for every human to know things beyond his understanding. To just know about the South American Mayans and their unimaginable powers people stand in anxiety and excitement. Even an old man in his death bed would get up to know the hidden secrets. Such is the anxiety that rules the human nature.  

Do humans live only on earth? Do people from other planets visit us? Still unexplored secrets prevail on earth?  Migration from one body to other-what is that? Why unnatural figures are not seen by our eye? Like this we have millions of questions that enthrall us .We know the scientific reason behind these questions. Our Rishis, Vedas and other books enlighten us on astronomy, nature of the planets and on how to fly in the sky. What are the secrets they have shared? Only Rishis can see and feel these strange things? Today’s Gnani’s can do this? We ask these questions to Guruji often, for which he answers directly and indirectly. We would like to share some of those answers with you. In that aspect we asked whether humans exist in other planets. He said:

We have many misconceptions about our Puranas. We believe everything is exaggerated in Puranas. Lies and unbelievable imagination predominant and so puranas should not be believed. This has been inculcated in our brains by the Britishers. We must change our mentality and atleast have a researcher mind to explore believable facts.

Puranas says that  Devas ,Asuras and  brave Princes of the kingdom  have travelled to different worlds and won battles. It is not the nature of our ancestors to blindly preach us false things. They never talk about things that are untrue.

For example: Our ancestor taught us that Moon is cool and has water. But initially science said even if u squeeze the entire moon not a drop of water will be available. This notion has changed. They now say that a small water body from moon can quench the thirst of almost ¾ th of the population for some years. So science and its findings is not the end. And so is the life in other planets.

Our Rishis has gained the powers of “Akasha Kamini” mantra. When our body is kept safe at one place, our soul keeps a slight contact with the body and travels wherever it wants. Not only earth but it can travel beyond earth and identify new things and secrets .In that aspect, life in other planets can be known. Till now Gnanis have travelled to 14 worlds and said life exist in these worlds. These can be classified into seven worlds on Heaven and seven on earth.

The Islamic Quran has emphasized on the existence of 7 sky. Christian’s Vivilliam tell us that people came from heaven. So life exists in other world. May be in our solar family other planets doesn’t support life but other solar family supports life forms. We asked Guruji whether Mars has life and whether our ancestors have described about the planet.

He answered that life is already present in Mars. In Kandha puranam ,the Asuran Surapadman should have hid the devars in Mars. Because the jail like appearance of Mars as said in Puranas matches with the recent photographs taken by astronauts. Like we are destroying our planet Earth, the occupants of Mars have destroyed their planet. The fossil bones in Kurushetra has the influence of atomic radiation. The atomic energy was known to ancient man and the people in Mars had energy powerful than atomic radiation and at some time they would have played with these radiation causing their own destruction. Mars is not totally destroyed, some parts has Water, air and predisposing factors of life. He said that in near future evidences to believe this can be identified and that his insighst will be accepted.

We were able to realize the experience of Akasa Kamini mantra  by Guruji. 

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