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Here is the Mantra to get money !

        The air is very important for the human’s life.  But on today’s status, the pure air is being bought for money.  If this is so, money is required to buy the air.  As a result, the money is the main object in the human’s life.  If there is hand full of money, it is easy to spend it very easily within few hours.  But to get the wholesome of money, much blood is shed in the human’s life.  Few people get money very easily.  But many of the people do not get sufficient money in spite of their hard and dedicated work.  

Is there any way for the human to get the money easily? Much effort is required to eat the banana even if the skin is peeled and fed into the mouth.  Nothing can be attained in this world without taking any risk.  Hence it should be clearly understood that money can never be earned in easy way.  Many of us speak about someone that he was living in a ruined hut in poor condition till yesterday. But today, he travels in his own car, So would he have earned the money by doing anything which shall not be done, in any way and he would never have earned the money by working hard.  This is wrong.  We cannot know about a fact that the talk about yesterday’s life of a human is told in assumption with his external appearance.  But we do not know what has happened in his life before his development and how he is so much of brilliant.  How he has behaved calmly.

It is wrong to talk without knowing about anything.  A person cannot earn money just by doing business. It can be concluded that the luck of earning money by a person is based on the methods which he follows for making his future better such as self control, following the way of victory and attaining success, etc. While comparing to other countries many of the successful ancestors have told many ways of external efforts to be taken and internal principals to be followed. The glory of wealth can be attained surely if these ways of success are followed.

Can you please tell us the ways of success told by our successful ancestors?

A day starts from the time of the sunrise. But a day of man starts before the time of sunrise. Yes. He has to get up from the sleep early in the morning.  He should be alert by not being in the bed until the sunrise except the business reasons. Why am I mentioning about the business reasons is that these days, many jobs gets completed early in the morning.  It is equal to kill him if a man works like this is insisted to wake up at five o clock.

The next step is to see either his face, his mother’s face or his wife’s face after getting up from the bed in the morning.  If this is not possible he can see his palms or his favorite god. If any other object is seen regularly the human will have stress in mind. While getting down from the bed the right leg shall first touch the floor.  During that time, the name or sthohra of the favorite or family deity, the mantras of Mahalakshmi or Ganeshji can be spelled.

Oil on the head shall not be applied on Tuesday if it is a man, on Saturday if it is a woman. Oil shall never be applied on the head immediately after hair cutting or shaving.  Bathing shall be done by standing on the East or West facing. Bathing shall never be done in a naked form. While eating food the left hand palm shall never be leaned on the floor or the food shall not be round shaped or the plate shall not be wiped off and eaten. Rice with milk during the day time and rice with butter milk during the night time shall not be in taken. During the day of eclipse physical intercourse or sleeping on the bed shall not be done. The new costumes shall be worn on Sunday, Thursday, Fridays only. The hair shall not be left without cutting for more than forty five days after the marriage without having valid reason. The nail shall not be bitten. The nail shall not be cut during the night time. The objects such as the dress, slippers, eating plates, etc. of others shall never be used.

Poverty will grow in life if the sweat falling from the hair, the water coming out while crushing the washed cloth, the dust raised due to the usage of the broom stick, the air of the winnow, etc. touch the body. The head shall not the touched with the hand while eating the food. Nothing can be written, drawn on the head with the Nail, thorn, piece of coal, chalk piece, blood, etc. The Sun or the Moon shall not be stared directly while not in clean position. The husband and wife shall not join together during the day time. The broken chairs shall not be reused. The husband having a pregnant wife shall not take bath in the sea. The gooseberry shall never be in taken during the moonless and Friday, during the Morning, Night times of all the days.

The leg should not touch the coal burnt in the burial ground, the bone or the fire of the burial ground, the cotton seed, the cow, the rice husk, the holy ash, the guru, the Brahmin, etc. The urine shall not be passed in the surroundings of the holy places such as the sea, Snake hill, the car of the temple, etc. The hair of the head shall not be scratched with both the hands at once. Our elders advice us not to break the honey comb, Sparrow’s nest, infant of the fetus, etc.  Their faith is that the human being’s thoughts will get corrupted and poverty will grow by doing such activities. Their opinion continues that the dust rose from the foot of the goat, the dust rose from the foot of the donkey, the fluff rose from the foot of the women who walk forcefully, etc. will force the family to the groove of the Poverty.

Sir, you have told what all deeds shall not be done.  It would be great if you can also tell about what all can be done for the growth of the wealth.

Fragrant flowers such as Jasmine, Sweet Jasmine, Lotus etc. shall be kept near the place of where cash is being kept.  An emitting right hand conch shall be kept in the Pooja Room.  The signs or icons of the gods such as Ganapathy, Mahalakshmi, Venkatachalapathy, etc. shall be kept in the entrance of the home.  Endowment activities such as donating to a Brahmin once in a month, providing pittance to the beggar once in a week, and feeding the ant once in a day shall be done.  Sacred Plants such as Holy basil (Tulasi), Jasmine, etc. shall be grown in the home.  Any one of the divine objects such as Divine Salagrama, Rudraksha, Quicksilver, Lotus Flower, Cow Dung, etc.

Are there any other secret ways to increase the wealth?

The water available from the water sources like the lake, river, pond, sea, etc. located within 80 kilometers of the eight directions of our living place shall be taken in eight small copper vessels and brought to our home, and buried in eight corners of the house.  While burying these vessels, the leaf of Aeglemarmeles tree (Bilwa tree), the leaf of indian goose berry, and turmeric shall also be added to the contents of bury.  The idol or image of the ancestry angel or god shall be worshipped in the place where these contents were buried with ceremonial procedures by lighting the camphor on the burying day for eight weeks.  The wealth will increase if worshipped sincerely.

Moreover, the insufficiency of cash flow will surely be not there if the roots of the sacred plants such as Bilwa, Tulsi, Achyranthes aspera, Amarantaceze, etc. are brought and kept according to the prescribed method inside the cash box, along with the grass known in Tamil as Jothippul and kept in the home as followed by the Sidha and yogic people,   There are various mantras tendered by our ancestral gurus to create a center of attention of money to come towards us.  These cannot be announced publicly.  But they are very much powerful mantras.  You can follow all the above ways and see & enjoy the results yourself.  Even if you don’t become a multimillionaire, at least you will live a great life without any debts and will be lucky to buy any desired thing all along your life.  None of the practices told by me as above are not very much difficult to do in real.  But many people are unable to do even these things.

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