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New Remedy to the Old home!

              Guruji, our home is a very old one. Everything is right on the basis of Vasthu. Yet, recently, we are facing obstacles in doing some good deeds in the home. There are unnecessary misunderstanding and worries arising. People suggesting that your home may have some dosha as it was a very old one and do Remedy for it. Eventhough it was built according to vaasthu sastra, is it necessary to change something or should do Remedy? if it is, when should we do that? Please explain and guide us.

With Regards,
                                                                                                            Vasudev Menon

        Even, the human body is losing its energy and strength when time passes. When getting old, you are automatically obtaining fatigue. Even God created human body has old age difficulties. Therefore the same happens to the human created buildings.

The walls of the buildings have many hundreds of pores in it. Air passes always through the pores. As time passes, the pores are automatically filled up with dust and fungus. Therefore, paints and emulsions are not adhering and the floors become brittle.

The basis of vastu sastra is, Godly powers enters the eesaanya and stays with the Niruthi . Therefore, if Niruthi has some faults in it, automatically problems arise at home. Usually old homes has some faults in all the four corners. Therefore, our ancestors often insist to update the home once in twelve years, if it is a palace or a hut. So do repair the faults in the home. Also, do a vaasthu homam (yagna) on a day when Vaasthu purusha is active.

Besides, you have to sprinkle the sea water and light incense sticks at home once in six months. If you do this, no negative powers and dhoshas approach your home.

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