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By 2020, Youth will be impotent

    A Doctor friend of mine told me that young men of Universe are becoming impotent. It was very shocking to me. Also, he added after ten years only 8 out of 100 persons will only be fertile in Universe. What is the reason for this condition? Is it really happening or some just spreading a rumor? I had this suspicion because the corporates can do anything and go to any bad extent.

A communist friend of mine said, some pharmaceutical companies from other nations are not only finding medicines for diseases, but creating diseases and medicines for it and they are just rotating it among people. They are harvesting many crores out of this. It is very shocking to us and creating fear inside everyone of us. Because, Miss world and Miss universe captions will be given to the women from the country in which the cosmetic companies around the world competes to sell their cosmetic products.

Likewise, I suspected that it might be the brain washing attitude and just the false notions which  are getting spread. But after listening to many practical issues, I realized it is not true and I came to know that the issue about the impotence is exactly true.

Today’s young generation is becoming very lazy. They don’t have physical activity and don’t like to do too. They are dreaming about the Everest peak just from their chair. They are just ruining their lives in front of computer day and night. They are sleeping when the sun rises and awake after sunset. The Sleep cycle is getting disturbed by it. It changes the normal process of the human body. Depression increases and diabetes knocks their door very earlier.

There are many medical reasons for diabetes, yet depression is the main reason for it. For example, my ancestors and my parents did not suffer with diabetes but I do. Doctors have told that depression is the main reason for my diabetes. They were right. I don’t have family and I don’t have any commitments and responsibilities which have to be finished off. I will be satisfied with food and cloth to wear.

Then from where the depression came to me. In 2003, I had a debt of many lakhs while doing a public service.It was very tough  and I struggled to repay the debt within 2003. I came to know the real meaning of poverty and debt. Many discomforts occupied my body during that tough time.

It is very practical that today’s young generation is suffering from those difficulties and depression like which I had suffered. They are bearing the excessive load which does not suit them and they are just struggling with the lack of experience and their young age to overcome their problems. Their body and mental health are automatically affected due to these difficulties and depression. And also, they are having a food culture and habit which is not relevant to our country’s weather. Diabetes is the prominent consequence due to these cultures.

Diabetes is affecting the ductless glands. Thus, it is causing the impotency and lack of interest in sexual activity to the young generation.Till 1970’s,  It was believed that it was happening just to men. After researching, it was found that it is also a condition happening inside women too and causing softness in reproductive organs of women. So these depressions causing people to lose their gender identities. It is an alarming situation.

Also, thickening of blood vessels affects the younger generation. It results in disability in erection and disability for women to reach a climax or peak. This may continue for months or years, according to the degree of the blood vessel thickness. Nervous system disorders which are the result of depression also result in sexual activity.

Physical inactivity, which is not natural, food habits and life style changes are the reason for Diabetes. Young generation is also suffering due to heart diseases. Heart attack nowadays became common among young generation. Even after escaping from the heart attack, impotence results due to the fear caused by it.

The intake of liquor is tremendously increased among the young generation. Not only young men are becoming slaves to the habit of having liquor, but the young women are equally participating and competing with men in the intake of liquor. 40% of men who takes liquor are having the erection problems. Upto ten percent men, there is the problem of semen ejection. 50% of women having problems in arousal and 15% of them have the problem in reaching the peak in sexual activity.

Besides, there are many more addiction substances such as injections and tablets which makes the young generation worse. There are also some issues in the human mind which destroy their potency.

Sexual interest is common to all the creatures created by God. But human is the only one who has some rules and restrictions in enjoying and exercising the sexual act. Sexual activity is considered as the holy act inside the families. If any disturbance happens in it or some collapses happen in that system, it will result in serious consequence.

No religion or country recognizes the habit of having sexual intercourse with others except the husband and wife. If people involving themselves in extra marital affairs, they can’t able to escape from the fear and nervousness naturally.

The insecure feeling during the sexual act will naturally result in impotency. Also other reasons such as living with the partner without love, insults by the partner during intercourse and inferior feeling over the sexual organs leads to impotency.Unexpected shocks, business loss, enmity and depression results in impotency.

Women are greatly affected by the mental depression in this case. Some women are sexually weak because of the rude attitude of male during intercourse. The male domination, pain, fear and incompatability are the issues which make women depressed and became the reasons for divorce sometimes. Extreme shyness, guilty consciousness and the fear of conception are also the reasons for the problem.

Masturbation is the prominent reason for male impotence. In allopathy, there is a strong argument that masturbation won’t cause impotence. Their opinion says, semen is also the excretory substance such as faeces, urine and sweat. We wish or not it is excreted out. If it stays that itself may lead to many diseases.

Siddha, Ayurveda and unani physicians strongly condemn the opinion of allopathy doctors. The release of semen is completely different when releases during intercourse and masturbation. Although masturbation seems to be the common habit of both men and women, nervous disorders affect men in this case.

While doing masturbation with the imaginary partner, both body and mind will be tired. So semen dilution and nervous disorders result in impotence.

As the allopathic doctors rightly said, Semen is the excretory substance. In nature, it is a phenomenon  that body will excrete it automatically. So there is a difference between the automatic excretion of semen and the forceful act of an individual.

Excess of everything is dangerous. Excretion of urine and faeces should be twice a day. Therefore, excessive release of semen will also be dangerous and naturally leads to impotence.

Practically, we can those who has the habit of excessive masturbation won’t be having the capacity of reproduction and they are failing in producing offsprings. So the opinion of allopathic doctors are not believable.

Bodily factors are not only responsible for the impotence. There are many factors there. Although it is not proven scientifically, we can’t avoid the practical factors which are responsible for impotence.

Generally, nowadays the younger generation does not have a belief on horoscope. Media and some fake horoscopic persons are the reason for this attitude. In the past, media preached about the siddha medicine and the organic farming are the fake ideas. Now they are doing the same with horoscope and some traditional knowledge of this country.

I’m not saying everything is right in superstitious belief’s and in horoscope. But there are some real facts in it. We have to find out the facts. We can get many beneficial things if we study these things in a proper way.

Ancient astronomers such as varaha mihirar, baskarar suggests that predicting the time of birth of a person's life helps in predicting some diseases, which can occur in the future.

For example, according to horoscope, eighth place is determining the state of sexual organ. If the graham is weak in the eighth place, there will be issues in sexual activity.

Also, sevvai graham which is known as marmasthanapathi, will give sexual abnormality if 5th or 9th place kedhu occurs from the sevvai graha’s stand in thrikona sthanam. If sevvai in eighth place and kedhu at second will also result in sexual abnormalities.

Eventhough, science reveals that the bodily and mental changes are responsible for the impotence. I can’t accept it as it is. Because every creature on earth has impacted with the other planets. So the consequences can be the result of grahas too, as said by ancient scholars.

We know sea ebbs on full moon day and in amavasyai. Even the vast sea can’t able to escape the attraction of the moon, so does man. Therefore, if we study the horoscope well in this case, we can put a full stop to the problem of impotence.

For quick relief, we can utilize allopathic medicines in this case. But we cannot be dependable continuously on allopathic medicines for the impotence defect, as allopathic medicines have various side effects which deteriorate the health further. Thus, people should rely on siddha medicines and they should take it for six months. Those simple siddha herbs will steadily give the cure and people can permanently get cured out of impotence.

1.   Withania somnifera – 700g
2.   Curculigo Orchioide – 700g
3.   Dry Ginger – 70g
4.   Pepper – 70g
5.   Peperilal – 70g
6.   Cardamom – 35 g
7.   Cloves – 35g
8.   Mesuraferrea – 35g
9.   Plumbagozeylanica – 70g
10. Nutmeg – 35g
11. Indian Bay-leaf – 35g
12. savviyam – 72g
13. Unriped Date – 525g

Get all the above from the native medicine shop. Powder it finely. Dissolve half a kilogram jaggery in three litres of cow’s milk. Boil it on medium flame. When it comes to paste form, add those herbal powders in it. After the heat goes on, 350 ml of honey and 700 ml of ghee should be added and kept in airtight glass container. The important thing in it is to utilize mud vessels and wood fuels to prepare this medicine. After five days, the medicine should be taken 3 times a day. Hence, it gives the good cure for impotence.

Many have this impotence problem as a result of problems in Graha’s irregularities. For impotence problems, there are some herbs which facilitates the good grasping from grahas. Herbs such as Bootha vedhala uppu, Gana erumai, Virachaver, Jodhi pul should be kept inside thayathu should be wored across the hip. I have seen the 100% remedy for persons out of it.

But these herbs have become very rare in the present days. It is rarely obtained from sadhuragiri and from the imayam. Only few people know about it and they are expecting more amount from a business point of view.

These herbs can be obtained by rich only. I don’t want that to happen. So I’m planning to grow the herbs. God will bless me for the deed. If at all young generations became impotent, our nation’s development won’t be in a fast manner. So experienced people should help younger generation to escape from this defect.

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