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What is the use of doing Yaagams and Homams?


  People of this generation are asking about the use of creating fire by giving ghee to it and producing some smoke. Some atheists quotes as ‘by doing yagnams, only the tummy of the priests can grow and nothing will happen’

But that is not true. Doing Yagnams are the wise deed. People criticize doing yagnams as they lack scientific reasons behind doing it.

First of all, there are some methodological measurements for setting up of yaaga kundam. If you follow those things in methodological way, the yaaga kundam will be attracting the worldly power (Prapanja aatral)

People can attain their needs when chanting the mantra and giving the herbs as aahudhi to the created fire which is always facing upside.

For example, Bruhath Baraasara Hora Sastra insisting us to do Navagraha Yagna for destroying the problems such as obstacles for growth and for the enhancement of long lifespan and wellness.

It also insists to give nava dhaanya and nava pushpam as aahudhi. I had seen a lot of cases of this methodological Navagraha yagna which is resulted in a right way.

Yet, no one has the certificate evidences which are required by the scientific community.

The atheists will always say nothing exists, no matter whatever they have been given. But we don’t need to worry about it.

Our ancient gurus and saints have explained it as the outer sign of destroying the hidden greed and unnecessary thoughts inside the mind in the fire of soul.

The yaagams can be performed by anyone at anytime. A Great Result will be there on hand for Sure!

PS: Yagna :- Yagna is the other name of yagya.  Some people use it as yajna. It  is  a consciousness  based  vedic  performance.  Yagnas   are performed  by  vedic  pandits  with   the  aim  to bring prosperity, health,  contentment,  wealth, happiness to people or to nations. Contentment  is  the  base  of  a  full life.

Navadhanya :-  Navadhanya signifies the nine grains that are an important part of an Indian's staple food.

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