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Why Lagna Is So Important in Astrology?

Is there any special reason for giving goat’s head as symbol for Mesha  zodiac?  
The first in zodiac wheel is Mesha. In Nadi astrology, there is one aspect called time Philosophy. Based on that, even if some person is born in any Laknam considering the date of his birth, and the planets journey, Mesha (Aries) Rasi is taken as Laknam, the benefits are predicted. For example, even if a person is born on Meena (Pisces) Rasi, with Guru at tenth place, while predicting Guru’s benefits, according to Nadi horoscope time philosophy, assuming Guru in ninth place only, we should calculate.  Viz all persons general Laknam is Mesham only.

Since we don’t know horoscope Shastra what is Lakna is not known to us fully According to horoscope,  Laknam is as important, as his life is to a man. Laknam means, the zodiac at which a child is coming out showing it his head from his mother’s womb. That is why Laknam is considered as horoscope’s head.  Without head, there is no use for other parts.  Like wise, without Laknam, no  zodiac will give benefits.

When a child is given birth, the time at which it’s head is coming out is assessed as Laknam. This is why, Lakna is also called as Head. What is the necessity to give a Goat’s head as symbol for the first Rasi. But for giving goat’s head as symbol for this Rasi, there are many reasons. 
In so many places in Veda, Goat is compared with human soul. In some places, goat is shown as human mind. We all know, a human life is linked with man’s soul. In Christianity also they have the practice of calling human soul as Goat. To show this only, Christ is depicted with a sheep.

For a man to be good human being, his soul must be good. If a man's life must be in the highest state his soul must be in great shape. Here soul denotes natural   character and mind denotes the instinct created by environment. The philosophy of human life is talked about, under the symbol of the goat.

Very knowledgeable persons tell God is filled with sound and vision. He is also considered as Nadha Vindhu.  i.e. the entire Universe created from the OHM Pranavam.  As per Hindu Religious Science the OHM sound is the form of God As far as we know, amongst the creatures, Goat is the only one which has sound as OHM. i.e Goat’s May sound is seen as OHM

 In practice, children are called as Kutties.  In Malayalam language, Kutti means children only. Children are considered as generation which taken human society to next phase.  Goats are called as Kutties. Like how children are developing society, Mesha Rasi which has Goat head as symbol, is developing the power of subsequent Zodiacs.  Keeping this in mind only, respected elders have kept Goat head as first zodiac sign.

PS: Lagnam (Lakna) : In astrological predictions Lagnam or lagan or ascendant is a very important calculation. In English the meaning of ascendant is Rising or Growing. Lagnam literally represents your soul in astrology. 

Nadi Astrology : A form of Hindu astrology practiced in Tamil Nadu, India. It is based on the belief that the past, present and the future lives of all humans were foreseen by Hindu sages in ancient time

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