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Why Homa, Yagna is Required?


        Our house is very old and was constructed before eighty years by following the principles of Vasthu Shastra. We are living happily in this home since many generations. But few people comment that no one is allowed to live in a home for more than sixty years without renovating the home. If this is true, will we have to demolish and reconstruct our home?  Please explain.

           If your house is constructed with good basement strongly then there is no need to demolish it. But the vastu shastra is telling that the divine powers will stay in a home for a period of Sixty years only and then we shall rejuvenate these divine powers again to make them stay at the home. But few people convey that the old home shall be demolished and reconstructed by misunderstanding the sayings of Vasthu Shasthra. Moreover there are various good ways to bring the divine powers with refreshed energy to our home instead of demolishing and reconstruction.
vastu remedy            If any small holes, damages found in the home shall be plastered and finished with new paint and then the holy deeds such as Navagraha Homam, Sudarsana Homam, etc can be performed by following the authentic principles. The Lakshmi Narayana Homam shall be performed in the home especially to please the tutelary deity, family deity, etc. and make them live in the home permanently. After this, we can offer tasteful feasts and parties to all the relatives, friends and the poor people inside the home itself. It is a good habit to donate the clothes according to the status and the capability. We can enjoy a happy life in the same home constructed by the ancestors.

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