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Mystical Sages and their Eternal Secrets.

           Scintillating view of the sun on an cold day, the awe of the twilight moon, gratifying sounds of birds announcing the arrival of spring, lousy breeze on an hill top or sound of the gong far from the mountains never fatigues us out...do they?  Similarly the story about SIDDHARS as always kindles the interest among us including the acclaimed authors and scholars who wrote pages on these mystical sages and their eternal secrets.

Well the reason behind this awe may be many. generally people believe that when we tend get their assistance we can achieve the impossible apart from it their abilities like flying, walking in the middle of the oceans, their abilities to surmount the furious storm into their hands and suppress wild fires with their breath adds even more excitement  to it.

Recent video which was popular on youtube where a “Siddhar” flies in a meditative posture into thin air made waves equally among both the scholarly and the common man, has invited invariably commercialization along. Either we find people calling themselves as the mystical sages or try their part in unwinding these mysteries with commerciality occupying their agenda. Well this was the reason for me in writing this article where I wanted to share my personal experience about these mystical sages with an humble motive to create awareness among all.

Before we go into doctrines of “Siddhars” let us understand who are these mystical legends? The reality in finding Siddhar or people saying they found the truth is very similar to this comparison i.e boasting poet who sells his work for a meager while stating to be in kings’ court while other who writes epics after one, astounds people with his work and get appraisals even from acclaimed scholars but refuses to accept the fuss that he is the best.

Siddhars never comes into limelight and they always tend be simple and cannot be distinguished. Off late    people say they knew truth about these mystical sages which is similar to a 1st year Medical student unless an prodigy cannot perform an open heart surgery in most cases .finding these bogus people who exploit the common due to their ignorance substantiates  my entry  in empowering  the common in knowing the known(Siddhars).

On deriving ourselves upon on the existing reality, the legends and belief, also considering the activities and experiments around studying Siddhars  it is really difficult to identify one! Adding to our awe the grammatical and real meaning for “Siddhars” never juxtapose. Also for understanding about any element we have to empirically unwind the myths and mysteries around it. Here the element and its existence is the quest.

When its “Siddhars” peoples belief are quite different .Generally  it is antagonistic to maslow’s hierarchy of needs they are least bothered about family and friends i.e social needs, they are least bothered about food, shelter, cloths-basic security needs nor they give in on esteem. Well u might think they are self-actualized?  indeed they are but they never exist as sages or sadhus. Deception is the tool and only the well trained eyes can find these traits.

Well if you are believer in doctrines of Hinduism well your guess is right!! How can a a person just living an ascetic life along with certain sidhis i.e mystical powers to control basic five elements of nature  will get relieved from birth and death cycle?? Yes some school say they do not indulge in this karma creating deeds while other school of thoughts believe they control the “sitham-mind” while others say they focus their mind upon shivan and other saints who got “jiva mukthi”(state of samathi i.e extreme state of meditation) contradict saying that lord shiva is an mystical and worldly hence “Siddhars” cannot burn their karma with lord shiva. somel scholars who travelled length and breaths of Vedas and epics say “sidhi” means three which naturally gets associated with lord shiva(legend says he has one extra eye) is just an contradiction to the above statement while vaishnavites say “three” is more related to one of the nine avatars of maha Vishnu where as a dwarf childlike vamana surmounted the pride of mahabali chakravarthi by asking “three” feet land before showing is full grown form crossing seven worlds(legends of Hinduism ).

Since we are not  scholars nor acclaimed pandits to speak more upon this topic and we normal human beings attached with earthly pleasures lets conclude by saying this.
“people with godly deeds or people who are enlightened ” can be called “Siddhars” while peek who seek god are ordinary humans.

Before the next article I just want to kindle your thoughts by asking you to understand and analyze the above with certain negative premonitions such as
1)Siddhars are selfish!
2)Siddhars treat women as inferior and they feel women similar to snakes and other poisonous creatures which we fear and try to kill!

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