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         The politicians will deliver their speech like the flood flows when the flood gate is opened while they come up on the dais. Darts will fly, swords will clash, and cannons will blare in their talk. All the listeners will get surprised excitingly. The snake of emotion will deliver the gem of bravery to a few people.

When a knife is shown to the same politician who was delivering a furious speech will become nervous in fear. We may think about where is the bravery gone which was shown by him on the dais. They will smile and bluff away if we ask these questions.  Is he brave in just words? Doesn’t he have it in real? What is the reason for this?
how to build self confidence
There are many people around the dais. There is a confidence that the people will take care until we do not make them angry, and the police will protect us if any serious situation occurs. This confidence is the important reason for being furious while delivering the speech on the dais.

Whoever is having such kind of nature of confidence upon others rather than having confidence upon themselves can never win in the race. The person having a brave heart can only become champion and can rise as a ruler. This is a root cause of the growth of those politicians who cannot grow even by having good skill and intelligence.
The courage is the mandatory requirement to succeed, to be crowned in their respective fields, and let them be a politician, administrator, business man etc.

building self confidence
Few people may tell that I am having courage and am rapid in action. In spite of all this I could not win.
Few people tell that the money is the main thing in getting success. Having money we can attain success in all fields.
Few people may tell that the money, power of position, talent, etc. all these are just for talk. For everything we need the luck to be in our favour.  We may also feel this as correct while we listen to these comments. They are all right. But we will have to determine what is correct exactly.
build self confidenceWe can feel the truth that the God has created every one of us equally if we think keeping aside the greatest things like the fate, the sin of the previous birth, etc. We can be clear that the success lies hidden in every human congenital.

We will come to know that whoever is acting bravely by feeling his capability will attain success in his life. There is no point in acting fastly without knowing about what is our self-power? What is our skill?

Many of us do not know what is the unique specialty hidden within us.  You might have heard your friend or neighbor bemoaning like this: I am interested in doing cultivation but I have studied for advocacy. I have been waiting in the office till the night since the morning. But even one case also did not come to me. I have passed half of my life like this. Many of my classmates are in various good places. I am alone in this ditch. I could even do anything as per my agricultural interest.

self confidence building
We will have to deeply think about the following aspects. What is the crime of that man?  Is he unable to develop due to the insufficient money?  Is he unable to grow due to the unavailability of the luck of the God’s grace?  What is the hindrance for his development?   Would he have got success in life if he had the money and luck? Definitely he would not have got.

Firstly, it is a wrong attitude to come to the profession of advocacy while having interest upon the field of farming. He may reply as below. What can I do? I urged my father to the core many times. Did he care my request? He threatened that he would go to the grave if I do not go to college.  I carried these books while there is no way to go.

You might have controlled to your father’s word in your childhood without any way to go. You could have gone back to the farming work concluding that the advocacy will not be suitable for you after the age of decision making stage. Why did you not go?
ways to build self confidence

He cannot go.  He has no mind to go. The education for a few years has stuck the fake prestige in his shirt’s collar.  His mind was filled with a thought of ostentation that how an advocacy educated person can cut the furrow in the field?

The body which has enjoyed the air from the fan will not have the sustain power of the burning sun. He has no courage to decide strongly in the tedious process of the competition between the prestige and the desire. This reluctance only has kept many people in the tragedy of the fear of failure.

how to build your self confidence
A young man who was in a higher official position in the Aeronautic Force has come to me. He told me that his contract period is completed. A new contract has to be implemented to continue the job for a further period of four years. He asked me the following questions and requested me to provide a better solution for him. His questions were, can he work in the private department without renewing the work contract or can he work in the Aeronautic Force. I am in great confusion. I am unable to come to a conclusion.

I asked him about what is the problem in continuing the work in Aeronautic Force? What is the profit of coming out? He replied me that there is no problem in continuing the work in Aeronautic Force. The work will not be felt as burden since he has got good experience in the work. His remuneration is also satisfactory.

He told me further that even though if he joins in a private job, he can learn many innovative subjects in this competitive world.  He can also earn more money.  In spite of all these, there is no protection for the job in the private company. There will not be proper rest time.
building self confidence in adults

I told him to think well. The thought of being there after coming out and the thought of coming out being in there will blunt your skill. Think well and decide fast without having any confusion in taking the decision of working inside or outside.  And then I informed about my individual thought.

Why am I telling about this over here is that the hesitation and the confusion at the time of decision making will make us down.  Many a times the fear of illusionary sense of our mind will push us in to a bunch of confusions.

Hence, I will face any kind of hindrance by throwing the fear of my mind.  I can resist this. Such a kind of thought only will make to be eligible to be a leader.

The coward is the person who runs by seeing the danger, the real warrior is the person who resists and fights back. Such kind of warrior is the God’s favorite person. The God will change the fate exclusively for such person. Hence, leave delivering courageous speeches. Start acting with courage in all your deeds. The success will be awaiting for you.

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