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Wrong opinions about Astrology

moola star girl

                 There are many wrong opinions about Astrology among the common folk.  Even those who do not have the basic knowledge of Astrology create some rhyming proverbs. One such proverb is that men born in Moola star will be princes and women born in Moola star will be paupers. If this proverb is true, then all rulers starting from the kings to the local ward members, should have been born in Moola star.  I have examined the horoscopes of several beggars who have been born in Moola star. 

moola birth star
 On the contrary many women born in Moola star have lived like queens.  So the idea that men born in Moola star will be rulers, and women born in Moola star will disappear into non existence is a mere false belief that is neither supported by the Sastras nor personal experiences.

 Likewise there is a belief that women born in Aayilya star will not have Mother-in-law. Today there are many daughters-in-law born in Aayilya star who engage in healthy quarrels daily with their mothers-in-law.

moola star female

There is another popular belief that those born in Bharani star will rule the earth.  There may have been some sporadic cases of those born Bharani star being rulers. This is like relating two totally unrelated incidents.  When we approach Astrology scientifically, from the point of view of the Sastras, there are no evidences for such a belief. This belief is also one of the many superstitions about Astrology, and there is no any truth in the belief.

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