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Uncanny peoples Horoscope

Dear Guruji, My humble salutations to you.  I am from a business family.  We have been in the business of running a traditional grocery shop.  I am having a bigger shop in Tuticorin than the shop of my father’s period.  The business in my shop is good.  Without any difficulty for income.  I am leading a great life with the mercy of my ancestors and with the grace of the god.  But I have a chronic disorder.  I had come to the shop after completing the B. Com. Degree.  The debts of mine are cumulative from that day till now.  The debt started with fifty thousand rupees have increased to many lakhs of rupees as of today.  I have been trying my best.  But I couldn’t completely settle the debts.  There is another expense in queue even I have cash in hand to clear up the debts.  Will this dilemma have an end?  Or will I die as a debtor by living the whole life with this debt.  I request you modestly to advise me a solution.
Joseph Periyasami Nadar,

There are many uncanny people. Few people take food only after all the duties in the morning after getting up from the bed, while few people drink tea, coffee without even washing the face or mouth, while few more people always smile and talk jovially with all others in spite of numerous problems in their life. Likewise there are many kinds of people.

There are many unique horoscopes as there are many kinds of people. Few horoscopes of husband’s are such that having two wives and both of them go to work, earn money and come back, live happily with their solo husband, while another husband’s horoscope his such that having a wife he wanders like a Sojourner on the road. The horoscope of the person who has questioned above is definitely 100% a horoscope of a Debtor’s Horoscope!

Don’t think that if the horoscope is predicted as a Debtor’s horoscope then the person will run away from life without settling the debts and live a disgraceful life.  If India takes some debts, it is due to poverty.  If America takes some debts, then it is a pride.  It is considered as the fate that the debts will not be departed along the life if the ruler of the zodiac sign and the ruler of the sixth place have interchange in the horoscope.  But if the tenth place is strong, then the debts taken will be the investments.  And it is the fate that the Cash in Hand is high, then he can work and earn much profits without investing his own money but with the other’s money.

Hence no need to bother about the debts.  If the Cash in Hand of your account is increasing even if by taking debts, that will be a supportive aspect of your life.  It is not wrong to live with debts.  But it is wrong to live to take debts.  A person who gets into a river without knowing to swim and a person taking debts without knowing the way to settle the debts are same.  It is a vain worry about the debts if we this point is observed.

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