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Differences between the ordinary words and the mantra words

            The priest at the temple spells the mantras.  The Brahmin priest at the river bank spells the mantras while going there to do the rituals for the ancestors.  Even the magician is also spells the mantras while eradicating the ghosts. We also spell the word mantra frequently in our day to day talks.  If anyone says a word again and again, we tell that he spells the word like a mantra. If this is so, many of us may have questions like, what is the meaning of the mantra. What is the philosophy behind this?  Let us now analyze the explanation given by our ancestors.

The mantras also are the sound vibrations formed with letters only. There are major differences between the ordinary words and the mantra words. The people who read the epics and listened about them would have known about the deed of cursing. The fuming curse and the furious angry of the Sage Durvasa are very famous. Have you ever thought about cursing? Scolding a person like go to hell, Get lost, etc. are not considered as the deed of curse.  If anyone blesses us heart fully while he got spoiled in real and loses his life permanently due to us, is also considered as a curse.

Hence the feelings of the heart are in background of the word ‘curse’.   Likewise the vibration sound will create the proper pressure based on the inner feelings of the person who spells the magical words. The magical power gets powered automatically while it joins with the external vibration of the world.

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Therefore the same mantra produces a result while spelled by a person and produces no result while spelled by another person. Few people may ask about proof for all this.  The science keeps all this aside considering that all these is deeds of blind faith. Hence this cannot be believed. If anyone gets any result out of the mantra spelled by them, few people comment that it has happened in just a coincidence and not due to the power of mantra. These people have to think about all this with peace of mind.

We send Satellites to analyze and inspect the other planets including the Moon and the Mars. These Satellites capture few photographs of these planets and send to the earth. We also become happy while seeing these photographs shown in daily newspapers and in Television Channels.

meditation mantrasThese photographs come to the earth from very far place. Many of us do not know about the shape of the transformation of these photographs. Actually these photographs do not come to the earth in the shape of pictures. They arrive in the mode of sound only. Few computers convert the sound into the shape of a photograph. More or less few sounds spread in the Space of Galaxy have been converted to magical mantras by some sages; they also contain some pictures within them.

For example if we give the Sri Rudram Sound as the input to the above said computers, they will produce the drawn shape of the dancing posture of Lord Nataraja. Likewise if we give the Vishnu Sahasranamam as the input they will produce the picture of Lord Narayana having conch and the wheel in hand.

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Hence we have to understand that the sounds of each and every mantra are the different appearances. A way will open while we do the prayer along with the chanting of mantras. The result of the prayer will be harmful if our thought is furious and the tone of our pronouncing the mantra is ferocious.

There is a very important reason for all the people not being able to use this sound vibration easily. Even though the radioactive rays are spread all around, a radio is required to grasp these rays. This means, a very costly golden box also does not have the power to grab the radioactive rays like the radio box having the power to grasp the specific radioactive rays.

Likewise a person following bachelor life having a strong body with energetic sense is required to intake the magical power which is spread all over the world and exposes the same. The person who is not properly following the principles of bachelor life is not eligible to apply the magical powers.

In this matter many duplicate magicians appear and insult the magical epics and also divert the concentration of the people. At last they die with the same knife which they have acquired in the hand. Hence the people have to understand clearly that the application of magical powers can be done exclusively only by the people following the principles of authentic bachelor life.

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