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Ways to do penance sitting upon a needle

    We can listen to many people talking in frustration like the below.  I have been following all the religious voluntary observances properly. Visiting the temple regularly following all the steps mentioned at the ethics.  I did not do penance sitting upon a needle, but have followed everything else in spite of that my mind is not getting controlled.  There is nothing else to do.  Focusing the mind has been just a dreamy argument to cheat the human no one can focus the mind at any time.

We forget a very important matter, while our mind is in such a great frustration.  We can do meditation formally.  We would have also got a very good Guru.  There has to be a strong reason for the unstable status of our mind in spite of all this.  We fail to think and we have not been taught to think in such situations.  There are many reasons for every deed.  We can understand even the unknown secret if we inspect the root cause.

We have been committing numerous wrong endeavors and sins from the ages.  We are completely sinful like the sea, filled with water without having even a bit of a gap.  Will our body get cleaned without removing the bog stuck to the body?  Will we get the exclusive blissful status of self experience without enjoying the benefits of the sins committed by us?  Will it be fair to expect of this attainment?  Will it be suitable to the intellect?  Our mind will not come to our control until we enjoy the benefits of the sins committed by us like the burning sensation of the eyes will not leave without removing the dust from the eyes.

Lord Narayana is the provider of the benefits of the sins alias karmas committed by us.  We will get the specific results only after the offerings to be provided by him.  In which way it is fair to expect the punishment or the independence without knowing the judgment declared by the judge.  Until then, we will have to wait patiently.  We will have to strive hard to reduce the panic burden of our sins.  If the hard working and patience habits are retained within us then the Lord Parandhama who is lying upon the milky ocean along with his consort Padmavathi Devi will appear instantly and wipe the tears falling down upon our cheeks.  I do not know about my birth and life in the past birth life.  Let all my endeavors are the sins.   Let this life be the punishment for that.  But my question is only this.  Many people are craving to know about what to do to destruct or reduce the quantum of the burden of the sin.  Actually the gracious God, Lord Krishna has offered us an option of birth to get relieved from our sins.  How many of us have felt that this birth is a boon to get relieved from our sins of past birth life.  Those who have felt this are countable in hand.

Today we applied the bog upon our body freshly instead of cleaning and removing the bog stuck to the body yesterday.  I.e., we have been committing new sins and increase the bag of existing old sins.  The new sins committed by us follow the accumulated old sins like the slave ants follow the queen ant sequentially.  In which way it will be equal to wail and cry that our mind is not in focus having so much of sins within us, like we say that our shoulder is in pain having too much of unloadable loads lifted with both the hands.

Darkness cannot be removed completely in spite of various efforts. It will run away from behind by just keeping a small lighted lamp.  Likewise to reduce the loads of the sins committed by us, we have to generously do charity.  The water alone can fulfill the thirst.  The fire alone will burn.  We will have to strongly believe that the whole hearted charity deeds will alone remove the loads of the sins committed by us.

We can listen to many people wailing as below.  I have been doing many charitable deeds every day. I have been guiding and helping the old and blind people who feel difficulty while crossing the road. I have been offering educational books to the kids who are not in a position to get educated.  I have paid the school fees for them.  I have been providing free food as I feel that nobody is hungry.  I have been providing shawls during winter seasons to the poor people living in the street side huts.  Likewise, I have been involved in doing many charitable activities with and without knowledge. In spite of this, my mind is not in focus, my sins are not removed, when I will attain the state of great happiness in my life?

According to ancient epics and shasthras, sins are of two types. One, the sins committed our body. Two, the sins committed by our mind.  We have to do remedial activities with our body for the sins committed by our body, with our mind for the sins committed by our mind.  The charity rituals, poojas, yagnas, prayers, etc. are considered as the remedy for the sins committed by the body.

I have been visiting the Sabarimalai regularly every year having deceitful mind.  I have been visiting Tirupati every month. I have been worshiping Lord Narayana, the Perumal.  There is no use of telling like this.  We have to practice our living principle according to the ancient culture mentioned in the holy and vedic epics of our Hindu Dharma.  It is considered as the way of vedic life by doing the deeds for the public welfare instead of doing for self profit.  Such kind of living methodology will destruct completely the ugly characteristics of our mind such as vengeance, worry, fear. 

If the public welfare charity deeds remove the benefits of the sins committed by our body, then the superior qualities such as love, kindness, politeness will destruct the benefits of the sins committed by our mind. Bhagavan Sri Ramakrishna also beautifully conveys that you have affection upon the mother.  Consider that she is very near you. If you do like this the affection will transform as devotion in due course. The devotion which has the power to convert the stone hearted mind into a sweet fruit is the tool to clean the mind.  This is the weapon to wife off the sin committed the mind.  Hence let your hands liberally offer charity.  The mind will be sweet with devotion.  Then you see.  The mind which was ran away and hidden all these days, will come at your feet and lay down like a puppy.

Nobody can be successful in doing meditation without solving the sins in the life.  To fly in the sky wings is needed.  If the home needs to be spread with floral smell then the home shall have to be built in a flower garden.  To attain focus of the mind, we have to destroy the two types of sins around us.  It is an innocence to weep without even attempting to destroy the sins.  Hence always do good only, think good only, good things will only happen.  Lord Narayana will come for help.  You will come across the ocean of life.

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