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If a woman commits a mistake ?

   Dear Guruji, Namaskar, I have been married and my Husband is demised within 2 years due to disease in the kidney we do not have children. I am in the care of my father since the past five years. Now a gentleman is ready to marry me as his second wife. He has children but not his wife. My father dislikes this second marriage of mine. He thinks that the family prestige will get corrupted due to this. Can I admit this second marriage in my life as per my birth horoscope? Will my father oblige for my second marriage? Please advise me in this regard.     
Anonymous woman reader. 

   There is a proverb that if a man commits mistake he will only suffer, but if a woman commits a mistake her whole dynasty will suffer for sure. That is the Indian community principles believe that a woman alone has the responsibility to save the Indian family culture. This belief cannot be abided just like that.  Meanwhile, we cannot also refuse that the society has some flexibilities upon this woman’s responsibility.

The world famous Indian epic Mahabharata says, that the society will collapse the life of a woman like the kites eat away the flesh pieces vigorously found by them. Thousand of modern cultural principles might have been formed for the welfare of a woman, but the truth is such that not only in our country, but also in all the developed countries like the united states of America, there is a habit of corrupting the life of a lonely woman, Hence the woman security is very important.

The Parents can offer a secured life for the woman only up to a level. The person who can offer security, dedication, affection, etc., until the end of the life is the spouse only. The ancient Vedas also give freedom to women for a re-marriage if they have a desire. Many people suffer themselves and also others due to the innocent of not knowing about this.

The proposed second marriage will happen without any conflicts in a grand manner. Hence, you do not have any fear about this. You read the Sundarakanda Chapter of the re-known epic Ramayana regularly for a period of one month to attain the wholehearted acceptance of your father and get married happily.

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