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You can spend the money you earn !!! Sins earned cannot be spent !!!

   Two years ago there was a talk in my native village about an astrologer who lived in the neighbouring village, that he predicted everything correctly and that all that he predicted were fulfilled.

I had a desire to meet him and consult him about my horoscope.  He couldn’t have known about me. Because I had left my village thirty years ago, many people in the village would not have known me.  Even the one or two people who knew me, would only be thinking that I am continuing with my father’s business.  They would not have had any other information about me.

It is easy to examine the capacity of an astrologer in this kind of a situation. So I went to meet him with my horoscope.  But I told him that it was my brother’s horoscope.  He asked me what I wanted to know.  I lied to him that my brother’s first wife died and asked him if we could look for a second alliance.

After examining the horoscope for some time, he said very clearly that there was no possibility of marriage for the person with this horoscope.  Then he inquired, how could a wife who was not there could die.  The person with this horoscope could not have brothers and could not live in his native village.  Then he further added that the Raagu in Mesham and Kethu in Thulaam could only keep him handicapped.  I was wonderstruck by his precise reading of my horoscope.

Not only that; he revealed a lot of things known only to me.  He narrated everything as though he saw everything in person. I was surprised by his in-depth knowledge of Astrology.  I told him the truth, congratulated him and left the place.   

A special respect for him began to grow in me. Last year I consulted him over the telephone, to get an answer for someone’s problem. He also gave some suggestions.  But his predictions were not fulfilled in this case.

I am mentioning this here, to highlight the fact that, for an astrologer to perform an action for someone effectively, the planetary positions of both will have to agree at least to some extent.  If they don’t agree, the results will not be fruitful, however the astrologer may be powerful.

Once I had a severe tooth ache.  At that time a friend of mine brought someone with his horoscope for consultation. Because of the insistence of my friend, I had no choice but examine the horoscope. The person who came, inquired if he could go into driving profession.  I was not in a position to examine his horoscope in detail.  I told him that he could go into driving profession and that there was no problem with that decision.

The person trusted my words and took to driving work.  He had no experience of driving.  On the third day he met with an accident and died.  The poor man’s fate was in my words.  I am guilty of this incident till this day.  The wound in my heart is still not cured. My mind is still not consoled.  Let us wait and see if it gets consoled at least after sharing the truth to the public.  I can share like this a few minor and major incidents.

A person who practices mantras, should not do anything for anyone, when he is not physically or mentally comfortable. If he does anything under these conditions, the consequences will be fatal. But many people don’t realize this.  Because some people sometimes, attempt to do something just for the sake of money, mantra sastras are disgraced. Man’s offences are blamed onto sastras.  So I have learned from experience, not to do anything for anyone for any reason, if my whole heart and soul is not involved in what I am doing. You can spend the money you earn.  Sins earned cannot be spent. They can only be experienced. 

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