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Problems Solved by the Remedial Actions?

         How to verify if the problems caused by planetary positions are solved by the remedial actions.  Many people have this doubt.

When we have a chronic stomach pain, we consume medicines to cure the pain. To find out if the medicines are effective or not, we can infer from our personal experience of the relief from the pain.  The same is the case with the remedies we undertake for problems related to planetary positions.

To find out if the remedies we undertake for certain problems, are effective or not, we can infer from the changes that take place in the course of time.  Some believe that results will be instant.  This is a mistaken expectation. No tragedy attacks us instantly.  All problems are built up gradually.

The release from the tribulations will also be gradual.  A problem that has been built up for ten years cannot be solved over night by any remedial action.  It can only be solved over a period of time.  So for the remedial actions to produce results, it will take at least three months.  If there are no changes between third and sixth month, then we have to accept the truth that the remedies are not fruitful, or proper remedies have not been undertaken.

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